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What is the social separation of the races called?

Plessy v. Ferguson

What supreme Court case created the "separate but equal" law?

separation of the races

What was the purpose of the Jim Crow Laws?

Thurgood Marshall

What future supreme court justice was the lawyer for the Brown v. Board of Education case?

Segregation in schools illegal

What was the Brown v. Board of Education decision?

Little Rock Nine

What were the students called that were banned from Little Rock Central High

Martin Luther King Jr

Who led the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

outlawed segregation on busses

What was the result of the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

gain civil rights through non violent crusades

What was the purpose of the SCLC?

sit ins and freedom rides

What actions were taken by the SNCC?

Freedom Rides

What did the SNCC coordinate to test the ban on segregated public transportation?

Washington DC

Where did Martin Luther King Jr deliver his "I have a Dream" Speech?

banned discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity or gender

What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 accomplish?

banned literacy tests and allowed federal examiners to register voters

What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 accomplish?

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