Chapter 7 World History (Africa and the Americas)

from the note taking guide
How many Mayans exist today?
6 million
Where do modern Mayans live?
Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras
Who were treated like the following? and for how long?
-__ centuries of depression, exploitation, and neglect by Spanish colonizers and independent governments that followed
Mayans (over the past 500 years)
5 Classical Civilizations
Greeks, Persians, Romans, Chinese, Indians
Smaller civilizations during the classical period:
Meso-american Maya, Meroë, Peruvian Moche, Axum, Niger river valley
Who do the histories of the civilizations not neatly fit into the usual chronological boundaries of the classical age in Eurasia?
-because patterns of historical development around the world did not always coincide precisely
-uneven population distribution (with most of it in Eurasia)
Around the year "0", the world population stood at approximately ______ million. The population of the U.S. today is around ______ million.
250, 310
During this time period, the human population was unevenly distributed. Eurasia had over _____%, Africa _____%, and the Americas ___ to ___%
80, 11, 5, 7
Why do historians focus more on Eurasia than Africa or the Americas?
Unevenness in population distribution