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What is caring

a nurturing way of relating to a valued other towards whom one feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility

Caring influences us how 3 ways

way we think, feel and behave

What did Florence Nightingale study


Who said Caring is Primary

1980s Benner and Wrubel

What kind of nurses were Benner and Wrubel


What did Benner and Wrubel want people to do

Study nurses stories and analyze their meanings

Health is not simply..?

the absence of illness

Are illness and disease identical?


What is illness?

to lose or dysfunction

what is disease

is the manifestation of an abnormaility at the cell, tissue, or organ level

Health exists along a?


What determines what matters to a person


Who came up with the Transcultural perspective

Madeleine Leininger 1978

What is an essential human need


What Distinguishes nursing from other disciplines


What helps an individual or group improve a human condition


Who came up with Transpersonal Caring

Jean Watson 1988, 1979

What is Transpersonal Caring

High quality human interaction; spiritual in nature

What is it based model


What does it promote

Healing and wholeness

What does it reject

rejects disease orientation

What is its slogan transpersonal caring

Care before Cure

What theory is composed of three studies in a prenatal unit

Swanson's Theory of Caring

What does Swansons theory of caring define caring as

as a nurturing way of relating to a valued other, toward whom one feels a personal sense of commitment and responsibility

Define:Maintaining belief

sustaining faith in the others capacity to get through an event or transition and face a future with meaning

define: knowing

striving to understand an event as it as meaning in the life of the other

define:being with

being emotionally present to the other

define:doing for

doing for the other as he would do for the self if it were at all possible


facilitating the others passage through life transitions and unfamiliar events

What is at the center of decision making


Who is client advocate who solves ethical dilemmas by creating a relationship


What behaviors are caring in nursing? 3

present, providing a caring touch, listening

Caring is a product of? 4

culture, values, experiences and relationships with others

Define: Presence

is a person to person encounter conveying a closeness and a sense of caring

What is "Being There"

is not only a physical presence, but also communcation and understanding

What is "Being with"

which means being available and at a clients disposal

Are Being there and being with interpersonal or extrapersonal


What 5 things happen when a nurse creates presence

eye contact, body language, voice tone, listening, having a positive and encouraging attitude

The use of touch is?


What is contact touch

involves obvious skin to skin contact

what is noncontact touch

eye contact

What three categories is touch descirgbed as

task orientated, caring and protective

What is protective touch

is a form of touch used to protect the nurse and or client

What is the most obvious form of protective touch

preventing an accident

What three things does listening include

Interpretation, understanding and giving back

When does knowing develop

over time

knowing the client lies in the ?

relationship that is established

What is the core process of clinical decision making

knowing the client

6 things knowing include are

response to therapy, routines, habits, coping, physical capacities and endurance

What is one of the biggest barriers related to?

nurse client ratios

When is spiritual care achieved

when a person can find a balance between tehir life values, goals and belief symptoms

What three things does spirituality offer

a sense of intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal

It is important to know this as much as you know the client

the family

Can caring occur if a person is isolated from a family


Family is an __ resource


What are the 8 clients perception of caring

Checking up on client
Give shot managing equipment skillfully
having a good attitude
being physicall present
returning voluntarily without being called
using soft gentle voice

What are some Nursing Behaviors as perceived by families 7

Being honest
giving clear explanations
Keeping family members informed
Trying to make the client comfortable
showing interest in answering questions
providing emergency care
teaching the family how to assist

Teaching the family ho

What two things makes it harder for nurses to spend itme with clients

technology and cost effective health care stragties

Caring is the heart of a nurse ability to work with people in a __ and __ way

respectful and therapeutic way

For caring to achieve cure, nurses need to learn?

that those culoturally specific behaviors and words that reflect human caring different cultures

Any treatment or intervention given without consideration of its meaning to the individual is likely to be?


Nurses demonstrate caring by helping family members become ?

actively participating in clients care

What describes knowing the client

establishing an enhanced understanding of the clients needs

Helping a new mother through the birthing experience demonstrates which of the five caring behaviors


Mr kline is fearful of upcoming surgery and a possible cancer diagnosis. He discusses his love for the bible with jada, his nurse and she recommends a favorite bible verse. Another nurse tells jada that there is no place in nursing for Spiritual caring, Jada Replies

Spiritual, mind, and body connections can all affect health

A number of strategies have potential for creating work environments that enable nurses to demonstrate more caring behaviors. Some of these include

Flexibility, autonomy, and improved staffing

A nurse demonstrates caring by helping family members

become active participants in care

Listening is not only taking in what a client says it also includes

interpreting and understanding what the client means

Presence involves a person to person encounter that

conveys a closeness and a sense of caring

Clients perceptions are important because health care

is placing greater emphasis on client satisfaction

The nurse demonstrations knowing the client by

able to detect changes in the clients condition based on shared information and bonding

The nurse who knows the client can 3 things

predict response, capacity and endurance

the caring aspect of nursing may be negatively afected in clinical practice today primilary because of

Rise in Technology

According to Watsons Transpersonal Caring Theory, The nurse should understand that?

caring can increase healing and promote well being

because client and nurses differ in their perceptions of caring, it is important that the nurse

seek information on what is important to teh client

What would a nurses showing behavior that incidates that the nurse is providing presence in a caring relationship?

the nurse that stays with the patient when they are undergoing a surgery or procedure they do not know

The nurse can demonstrate listenin skills by

paying attention to the tone of the voice and the meaning of the words

The nurse can demonstrate caring to a client who has recently suffered a loss through miscarriage by

Sitting with them in silence

A nurse who normally uses toiuch when caring for clients might consider this inapproiprate

a client that is displaying fear or suspicioun

Considers the nurse as client advocate, senstivite to unequal relationships and attending to relationshipa

ethics of caring

Recognition of the cultural variances in expression, process and behaviors

transcultural perspective

Eye contact body language, listening are examples of

behaviors that communicate caring

a form of nonverbal communcation that can promote comfort and security and improve thru self esteem

caring touch

Caring is the heart of a nurse ability to work with people in a

respectful and therapeutic way

for caring to achieve cure

nurses need to learn those culturally specific behaviors and words that reflect human caring in different cultures

Because illness is the human experiecne of loss or dysfunction, any treatment or intervention given without consideration of its meaning to teh individual is likely to be


Swansons theory of caring includes five caring processes

knowing, beingw ith, doing for, enabling and maintaing belief

Listening is not only taking in what a client says, it also includes interpretation and understanding of waht the client is saying and giving back that?

understanding to the person talking

knowing the client is at the?

core of the process nurses use to make clinical decisions

nurses demonstrate caringg by helping family members become?

active participants in a clients care

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