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NCLEX 10000 Management of Care

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A client with acute kidney failure is placed on fluid restriction of 1000 mL of fluid over a 24-hour period. What is the priority nursing action?
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Offer the client proportioned fluids in the day and less during the night.
The client and nurse should make a fluid schedule that takes into consideration factors such as periods of wakefulness, number of meals, oral medications, and personal preferences. Avoiding night fluids will decrease risk for aspiration.
Report this to the nursing supervisor immediately
This situation should be reported immediately to the nursing supervisor or manager at the time. The nurse is liable to report a suspicious situation that could create an unsafe situation for the clients. Reporting a suspicious situation does not imply actual guilt; it implies identification of a high-risk situation. The supervisor will then follow the correct procedure for management and follow-up of the situation.
The UCP with the appropriate knowledge and skills to provide the care
The nurse is accountable for the assignment of tasks to UCPs. The nurse must ensure that the care being assigned is consistent with the UCP's level of knowledge, skill, and judgment. Assignments must also consider the UCP job description, agency policy, legislation, and client need.
All systems reflect the values of efficiency and effectiveness.
All systems in the managed care delivery model reflect the values of efficiency and effectiveness. Different plans may have different values underlying the delivery of care. However, they all reflect the business plan values of efficiency and effectiveness.