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...I did not like toys
The life is a little different than here
...i was always into grown up people's business
you have toys and enough innocence to play but there we don't have that
...we called on my grandma always because we don't have toy
maybe the life is not, i mean the life is not very well there
...when i saw my ring it's my grandma
I mean financially the families is not very wealthy at that point...
I liked to do sewing so I had a little doll
I remember my favorite toy was the mud...
...but they always made us feel loved and not disturbed by the problems that were arising in germany
My parents are Darfurian. They born and raised there...
...the Germans invaded Holland and then hell, all hell broke loose.
(all) It was bad weather
...And we were unloaded and, uh, immediately the men were separated from the women
The place that i grew up, there is no university that we can go...
... to this day i will never forget because it was like a deluge.
My immediate family move, but all my family, i mean the uncles...
...It was mud, mud, mud.
When genocide come, we lose all those people
...whether it's good, bad or indifferent, we will-- we're here with you.
at that point, we lose more than half of our family and we don't know where they are exactly.
...the whole world had changed there too, but in a very different way.
losing means some of them killed, i mean in front of their parents...
...kids used to wear like little underwear, just see them running around.
and they call us, they tell us...
I didn't see the kids anymore
that's the first time i realize that the life is so dangerous
things got a little bit worse and worse
a few months later, we heard that all of the villages are burned...
I don't know if i want to continue this story
At that point we lose more than half of our family and we don't know where they are exactly because even people who run away from the fire...
I was lucky
And at that point, i became active as a darfurian in the university...
...anger, sadness... everything has built up. and so we started walking.
And that's the transition i was trying to make, to bring awareness of what darfur going on...
You not go, they kill you right away. Mm-Hm.
we just keep running, i mean run away from that place...
we were taken and again the men were separated
they just get me to the car and take me to a place...
and uh, life continued
the reason they brought me there, they want to know who i am...