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Quiz on 1/31/12

North-South Differences
-didn't want slavery
-don't want slaves to take away land and jobs in the west
-think slavery is immoral
-slavery is protected by constitution (property)
-slavery is profitable
-doing a favor for the slaves (inferior)
Why did the south believe that they could take their slaves anywhere?
Because constitutionally, slaves are property and you have a right to property
Why did the southerners want a balance in the senate?
Because they lost the house
What did Missouri want to enter as?
Slave state
What was the Tallmadge Amendment?
-no new slaves
- slaves 25+ were slaves for life
-slaves 25- were free at 25
What did the south threaten to do if the Tallmadge was adopted?
What were the southerners frightened of?
North taking over the Senate
What was Clay's compromise? (1)
-Missouri is a slave state
-Maine is a free state
-36/30 line-southern boundary of Missouri
What was Jefferson's quote?
"Woke me like a fire bell in the night and filled me with terror."
Why was Jefferson's quote important?
He knew that this would be a huge crisis
What was the tariff issue?
They were being raised a lot
Why did South Carolina resists the tariffs?
They were in the middle of a depression
What does South Carolina do to oppose the tariff?
1) Nullifies the tariff
2) Threaten to secede
3) If they are fought against they will fight back and raise militia
Who was John C. Calhoun
-Jackson's VP
-Supports SC
-Quits VP, joins Senate for SC
What does Jackson do? (Nullification)
- Secession=treason
- Force will be used
What is Clay's compromise? (2)
1) Gradual reduction of tariffs
2) SC has to nullify the nullification and see Federal law over state law
Who were the 5 tribes?
1) Cherokee
2) Choctaw
3) Chickasaw
4) Seminal
5) Creek
Why were the tribes considered civilized?
Speak English, Christianity, Private Property, Own Republican Government
Why did the Americans want Native American land?
To grow cotton
What do the states do?
Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama pass laws that evict the Native Americans
What did the Native Americans do?
Went to court
How did the Native Americans court go?
Head Justice- John Marshal decides that they are right
What did Jackson do to the Native Americans?
Sends an army to remove them in 1838
16,000 went
4,000 survived
What happens to the Federalist party?
Is replaced by the Whigs