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  1. God delivers his people through...
  2. How does the passover relate to Christ
  3. Who was Miriam
  4. What happens when the isrialites dont have anything to eat and are mad
  5. What was the largest part of egyptian culture
  1. a Moses's sister
  2. b The lord sends down Mana and Quail
  3. c His power not peoples efforts
  4. d The afterlife
  5. e The istialites faith was only in the lambs bl;ood where our faith is only in the blood that Jesus shed for us

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  1. Kill the other king
  2. The egyptian gods
  3. The fufilment of God's promise to the Patriarchs
  4. 70
  5. Work as slaves

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  1. How does God refer to himself in the burning bush"I AM who I AM"


  2. How does Pharaoh pursue the isrialites at the Red SeaWith 600 special chariots and his entire army


  3. Was the land that the isrialites had the promised landno


  4. After the death of the 1st born how many men set out for Egypt600,000


  5. What is another name for the 10 plaguesthe plague of the 1st born