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  1. How does the passover relate to Christ
  2. How could a king come to power that didnt know joseph
  3. Who was Aaron
  4. What was the largest part of egyptian culture
  5. What happens when the isrialites are thirsty for the 2ND time
  1. a The afterlife
  2. b The lord tells Moses to strile a rock but the Lord will be on that rock and living water will flow out ( the isrialites in turn are striking the Lord)
  3. c 1st high priest- Moses/Aaron are levites/brothers
  4. d Kill the other king
  5. e The istialites faith was only in the lambs bl;ood where our faith is only in the blood that Jesus shed for us

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  1. the plague of the 1st born
  2. Pharaoh's daughter
  3. With 600 special chariots and his entire army
  4. Signs and wonders
  5. In a burning bush

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  1. How does the water from the rock point to ChristWhen the Lord was on the cross he was struck as well and his blood came out to save us


  2. Was the land that the isrialites had the promised landno


  3. Who was ZipporahMoses's wife


  4. How many people were with Joseph's family70


  5. Moses, pharaoh, Aaron, Miriam, Zipporah, & the isrialites were all...Main characters