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  1. Who were the plagues a judgement against
  2. How does Pharaoh pursue the isrialites at the Red Sea
  3. Why does God throughout Exodus harden Pharaohs heart
  4. How many people were with Joseph's family
  5. Who finds Moses in the Nile
  1. a Pharaoh's daughter
  2. b 70
  3. c The egyptian gods
  4. d He wants to be able to prove Pharaoh wrong each time so he can show that He is the true God
  5. e With 600 special chariots and his entire army

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  1. 600,000
  2. Kill the other king
  3. Work as slaves
  4. The lord tells Moses to strile a rock but the Lord will be on that rock and living water will flow out ( the isrialites in turn are striking the Lord)
  5. the plague of the 1st born

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  1. Was the land that the isrialites had the promised landWith a pillar of cloud and fire


  2. How does God tell moses he can avoid the 10th plagueSacrafice a lamb and wipe the blood across the door frame, then feast on the lamb along with bitter herbs and bread made with no yeast. NO LEFTOVERS!!! eat it all quickly before the angel of death gets there


  3. List the 1st 9 plagues in orderthe plague of the 1st born


  4. Moses, pharaoh, Aaron, Miriam, Zipporah, & the isrialites were all...Main characters


  5. What is the overarching theme of Exodusthe plague of the 1st born


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