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Where can you turn?

National Guidelines for School Mathematics

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is the group that is considered responsible for establishing mathematics standards:
- The Common Core State Standards for School Mathematics
- The Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
- Process Standards: 1. Communication
2. Reasoning and Proof
3. Connections
4. Problem Solving
5. Representations
- Principle and Standards
- fully explains the standards at each of the grade bands.
- Focal Points - published by NCTM
- other professional organizations recommended by NCTM

State and Local Guidelines

Almost every state has a document with standards.


Two sources: (1) Second Handbook for Research on Mathematics Learning and Teaching, (2) Teaching and Learning Mathematics: Translating Research for Elementary School Teachers.
- The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the nation's measure of students' achievement and trends in achievement in the academic subjects.

Cultural and International Resources

- The Trends in Mathematical and Science Study (TIMMS), an international study given at grades 4 and 8, clearly shows that U.S. students could do better in mathematics.
The TIMMS study collects information about curriculum, teaching and teachers.

Text Books and Other Materials

- textbooks
- Teacher's manuals

Electronic Materials

- the Web

Professional Organizations

Journals, conferences, etc.

Professional Development

Workshops, college courses, conferences, etc.

Other Teachers

Teachers learn from each other.

Discuss five sources of help that you can turn to when considering the mathematics program

- teachers
- research
- textbooks and other materials
- electronic materials
- professional organizations

Compare and contrast the organization of the national math standards and the New York State Standards.

National Math Standards: Pr-K - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8. 5 contents and 5 process. (The how)
New York State Standards: Gr. 1 - 6, Mathematical Practices - 8 statements

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