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Logistics (midtterm) Quiz of the day

logistics had its firs applications in the ____
influence the flow
political situations, economic conditions, cultural differences and environmental protection issues all ______ of goods and people between nationos
logistics functions
customer service, handling returns, traffic management and purchasing are all ____
the relationship between the firm and its suppliers
conversion management
refers to what the firm does with its inputs
physical distribution management
the relationship between the firm and its customer
the ____ channel handles the buying, selling, and collection of payment
____ is the largest single commodity, by volume, to move by sea
revolution in information management
the most pronounced technological improvment influencing international logistics at the beginning of the 21st century has been ____
1. raw material sourcing, 2. components of sub assemblies 3. finished product, 4. wholesale, 5. retail, 6. customer service
trace the general flow of goods from a supply chain management perspective
cost tradeoff
a manager may pay more for one element of service in order to save an even lager amount on a different element. this is called ____
____ has become the glue that holds the global supply chain together
indirect exporting
____ involves selling products to a domestic company that will do the exporting for the firm
foreign agency
a ____ helps a firm sell its products in a foreign county
examples of a US firm exploiting a local competitive advantage in a foreign country
a US firm opening a manufacturing facility in china to take advantage of china's low labor costs. a us firm opening a manufacturing facility in Germany to take advantage of Germany's high level of engineering expertise. a US computer software firm opening a branch in India to take advantage of the excellent English speaking and computer programming abilities in that country. A US auto parts manufacturer opening a plant in Mexico to take advantage of the short lead times to send the parts to the auto assembly plant in the US. these are all _____
real time tracking and tracing
a recent survey among shippers indicates that ___ is the most important attribute of an e-commerce system
adjustment, financing, storage, handling. which of these is not a function provided by the distribution channel
which of the folowing is not a function provided by the transaction channel (negotiations, contracts, adjustment, administers trading)
loading and unloading
in moving goods between seller and buyer, what is not considered in the transaction channel
US dollar
what is the most important denomination for foreign exchange?
corporate account exclusion
____ means that an agency/distributor agrees to sell goods to all buyers except for some specified corporate accounts "&" that the seller has separate sales agreement with some specified corporate accounts
force majeure exception
a ____ exempts a firm from contractual obligations in the case o unforeseen, natural disasters
commercial diversion
a US based student buying a textbook produced for the international market is an example of ____
commercial diversion
____ is misleading sellers as to the intended market for goods
the most straightforward, simplest method of countertrade is ____
switch trading
in ____ an exporting nation takes payment from an importing nation in the form of goods from a third country
the ____ strategy seeks to create a competitive advantage for a domestic manufacturing company by using the lowest cost or highest quality mix of manufacturing inputs available anywhere in the world
the ____ strategy focuses on the firm attaining a local market presence in markets in which they plan to do business
a ____ sets limits on how many of a particular good may be imported in a given time period
commercial invoice
with respect to international shipments, a properly prepared ____ should provide all the information relevant to the transaction
cash in advance
with respect to payment modes, the safest option for the exporter is ____
letters of credit
are issued by the buyer's bank payable to the seller
tariffs don't have to be paid on goods entering a FTZ
an advantage for US firms, such as Levi Strauss, in shipping materials from the US for assembly in a foreign trade zone (FTZ) located in a developing country, before having the assembled products shipped back to the US. goes to show that ____
____ refers to manufacturing and assembly operations located just south of the US-Mexican border
value added by Mexican workers
when TDK imports audio and video tapes into the US from Mexican maquiladoras, TDK pays US duty on the ___
40/40/20 slip
a ____ refers to a method of allocating liner traffic between two nations
____ refers to each nation reserving for its own carriers the exclusive rights to carry domestic traffic
flag of convenience
the primary reason that US firms use a ____ is to avoid paying high US labor costs for US-flag vessels
name all of the regional trade blocs
air freight
all of the following are advantages of ____: faster than ocean freight, more dependable than ocean freight, lower inventories needed than for ocean freight, less packaging of products than with ocean freight, and order cycle is shorter than ocean freight
international air cargo forwarder sales representatives
____ usually say the following: less variability in transit time, permits the seller to keep fewer inventories in fewer locations, responding relatively quickly to marker demands, less regorous (restrictive) in most instances. NOT TRUE: insurance premiums tend to be lower
this part of the world is projected to show the greatest air cargo growth in the period 1999-2019
____ are the fastest growing segment of the international air cargo industry
DHL, Airborne, and FedEx
these air carrier are considered integrators. BUT Lufthansa is not
Email, Fax machines, EDI, and LTL carriers
____ are regarded as a formidable competitor to air express companies (integrators) for document delivery
if direct airlines are the manufacturers and wholesalers of aircraft space, air freight ____ are the retailers of that space
marketing and sales for those particularly subject to damage
air cargo transport has proven to be a realistic option. how future air cargo traffic growth be prompted?
deadweight tonnage
the most frequently used measured of ocean vessel size is ____
enhance the safety of sailors
what was initial purpose of Plimsoll marks?
the largest ocean vessels in use are
petroleum, grain, coal, and iron ore are common examples of ____ cargo
_____ cargoes are large volume, pumped, air-blown, conveyance, or belted, liquid, and metals.
docking tankers and dry-bulk carriers
all these statements are true regarding ____. tankers do not have to navigate inside ports, tankers often cannot dock next to land, dry-bulk carriers must dock next to land, for tankers to dock, port docks must be dredged deep, and dock walls must be deep. BUT... tankers CAN navigate by themselves