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Culpeper's Rebellion!


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What kind of governors were appointed for the Carolinas?
wEaK ones!
what provoked a popular uprising in 1677?
British Navigation Acts
Who were the two men that supported the Lord Proprietors and complained about the weak government?
Eastchurch & Miller
What happened to Miller for complaining?
He was thrown in jail for treason
What happened to Miller after he was thrown in jail?
Miller escaped, and went to England with Eastchurch to tell the Lord Proprietors what was happening in Albemarle.
What was Eastchurch appointed to?
What was Miller appointed to?
Customs collector
How many men forced Miller out of office, were against the LP's, later acted as the government and tried Miller?
It was 40 men.
Who were the leaders of the 40 men?
John Culpeper, George Durant & Valentine Bird
After Miller was thrown in jail for the second time by all these men, what did he do?
He escaped jail once again and went to New England.
Why did Culpeper follow Miller to New England the second time he went?
So he could make his own case. (defend himself)
Did anything happen to Culpeper? (Punishments by the Lord Proprietors?)
Culpeper was tried for rebellion, but the LP's wanted to keep the case quiet, so no.