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  1. Elegy
  2. Metonymy
  3. Stanza
  4. Figurative Language
  5. Quatrain
  1. a A lament for the dead or a meditation on the thoughts that death arouses.
  2. b A four-line stanza or a complete poem.
  3. c Non-literal speech used to achieve a special effect.
  4. d A division of a poem consisting of a series of lines often times with a reoccurring pattern or rhyme.
  5. e When an object/person is referred to by another object that is closely associated with it.

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  1. When a line of poetry continues to the next line without punctuation.
  2. A long, narrative poem on a great and serious subject.
  3. When a word or phrase is compared to something it does not literally resemble in order to emphasize particular qualities.
  4. A pause within a line of poetry.
  5. Originally a song performed in ancient Greece to the accompaniment of a lyre. A term now used for any fairly short poem in the voice of a single speaker.

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  1. PunA long, narrative poem on a great and serious subject.


  2. PersonificationA figure of speech where animals, ideas, or inorganic objects are given human characteristics.


  3. SimileSomething that is itself and something else.


  4. ElisionThe leaving out of an unstressed syllable or vowel, usually in order to keep a regular meter in a line of poetry.


  5. HyperboleSomething that is itself and something else.


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