70 terms

Unit 10 Vocab

Asian Development Bank; based in the Philippine capital of Manila. Provides international loans to aid the economies of Asian member countries; in Southeast Asia these ADB loans support agricultural, transportation, and industrial development projects
Angkor Wat
in present-day Cambodia, a Khmer temple more than 800 years old; designed to resemble the home of the Hindu gods and goddesses; has a mixture of Indian and local styles; both a Hindu temple and a tomb for Suryavarman II - Khmer ruler who built it
Annam Cordillera
mountain range that separates Vietnam from Laos and Cambodia
Arakan Yoma Range
mountain range in western Myanmar
a group or chain of islands
a story about the life of a king in Java, the court poet Mpu Kanwa modified the Indian epic Mahabharata to fit southeast Asian circumstances
Association of Southeast Asian Nations; organization formed in 1967 to promote regional development and trade in Southeast Asia
Aung San Suu Kyi
opposition leader, wanted to bring democracy to Indonesia
method of dyeing cloth to produce beautiful patterns, developed in Indonesia and Malaysia
Bilauktang Range
runs along the border between Myanmar and Thailand
a Buddhist shrine in Indonesia, a stunning example of Southeast Asian religious art and architecture' built of gray volcanic stone around A.D..800 on the island of Java, its larger than Europe's great cathedrals; a large tower shaped like a bell tops the pyramid-shaped monument; it has 3 levels connected by stairs
buffer state
neutral territory between rival powers
cash crop
farm crop grown to be sold or traded rather than used by the farm family
Chao Phraya River
river in Thailand, flowing south into the Gulf of Thailand
game in Myanmar in which players form a circle and try to keep a rattan ball in the air without using their hands
parallel chains or ranges of mountains
storm with heavy rains and high winds that blow in a circular pattern around an area of low atmospheric pressure
trees, usually broad leaved such as oak and maple, that lose their leaves in autumn
East Timor
island that was part of Indonesia, voted to become independent in 1999; 3 years later it was fully independent in 2002; not in ASEAN yet
Emperor Wudi
Chinese Emperor who conquered the Indochina Peninsula
native plant or animal species
the animal life of a region
the plant life of a region
free port
port city, such as Singapore, where goods can be unloaded, stored, and reshipped without the payment of import duties
during A.D. 100 traders from India setup trading posts along Gulf of Thailand and in A.D. 200 Southeast Asians established the kingdom of Funan
Gunung Agung
a volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali that reaches 10,308 feet; Balinese people regard it as a sacred center piece of their Hindu faith, and leave offerings on the crater's rim, eruption in 1963 took 1,500 lives
Ho Chi Minh City
was the port of Saigon
Humid Subtropical Climate
hot, humid temperatures in summer and cool., dry in winter
western European country on the North Sea; controlled most islands that make up Indonesia
group of islands that forms the Southeast Asian country of the republic of Indonesia; largest exporter of plywood
constituting an island, as in Java
relying on one another for goods, services, and ideas
Irrawaddy River
river in central Myanmar formed by the confluence of the Mali and Nmai Rivers; rice is grown here
Khmer Settled
Cambodia and Vietnam, indigenous
Khmer Rouge
harsh communist government of Cambodia
Volcano in Indonesia and is part of the Ring of Fire; an eruption in 1883 caused massive destruction and death
Southeast Asian country south of China and west of Vietnam; only landlocked country in this region
A dance of the young women of the island of Bali
Leng Trot
Dancers perform this dance in Cambodia when the monsoon rains are late
deposit of minerals
in rural areas of Indonesia and Malaysia, a large, elevated building where people from several related families live
Malay Archipelago
South and east of mainland Southeast Asia, sometimes called the East Indies; contains 20,000 islands, stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
federation of states in Southeast Asia on the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo; largest producer of microchips
concerned with travel or shipping by sea
Mekong River
Begins its 2,600 mile journey in China, forms border between Thailand and Laos and then meanders through Cambodia and southern Vietnam before emptying into the South China Sea; sediment deposited increases the shoreline around the delta by as much as 50 feet per year; major waterway for civilizations
Mt. Pinatubo
The 1991 eruption of this volcano was the 20th century's most powerful; located 55 miles north of the Philippine capital of Manila. It churned out lave that damaged the town of Angeles; also blanketed the United State's Clark Air Force Base with volcanic ash nearly a foot deep
country in Southeast Asia, south of china formerly called Burma; has the lowest GDP of the region
flooded field in which rice is grown
ancient capital of early Burmese empire. There are more than 2000 pagodas there.
primate city
a city that dominates a country's economy, culture, and government and in which population is concentrated; usually the capital
Rafflesia arnoldii
the world's largest flower, with a blossom 3 feet wide
Red River
(Hong) River; in Vietnam that empties into the South China Sea
Shan Plateau
In Myanmar; it's elevated and has lower temperatures than the rest of the country; climate there resembles cooler climates elsewhere, and the plateau is sometimes called "tropical Scotland"
Shifting Cultivation
clearing forests to plant fields for a few years and then abandoning them
large, curved knife with a handle, used to cut grass or tall grains
and Indonesian practice of a combination of dancing and self-defense
multi-island country in Southeast Asia near the tip of the Malay peninsula; extremely strict on littering
the Water Festival, Thailand celebrates it during the Buddhist New Year; people bathe statues of the Buddha and bless one another with a sprinkling of water
Srivijaya Empire
controlled sea bordering Southeast Asia from ad 600-1300; used navy to control straits and used trade to tax; it established trade routes still used today
Subsistence Crop
a crop grown mainly to feed the farmer's family
a type of wood that is vital to the economies of Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand
the Vietnamese New Year; celebration begins at the start of the lunar year and lasts 3 days
Tropical Rainforest Climate
characterized by little variation in temperature and mostly wet conditions almost year-round; 79ºF average daily temperature with hot, humid rainy condition; rainfall between 79 and 188 inches per year, 80-90% humidity; has a diverse ecosystem
Tropical Savanna Climate
second most prominent climate zone, sweeps southeastward across the Indochina Peninsula and along the southeastern parts of Indonesia; have alternate wet/dry seasons; supports tropical grasslands with scattered trees and some forests; dry season may be 4-8 moths;
a violent tropical storm that forms in the Pacific Ocean, usually in late summer
the movement of people from rural areas into cities
Capital of Laos
in Southeast Asia, a temple
United Kingdom
country in Western Europe that is made of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Controlled Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei
United States
country in North America between Canada and Mexico. Controlled Philippines