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Units 1-8 Vocab for Mrs. Love's Spring 2009 Honors English Exam

Phototopic (ADJ)

Tending to grow or move towards light

Phosphorescent (ADJ)

Giving off light without heat

Photogenic (ADJ)

Attractive in pictures or photographs

Lucid (ADJ)

Easy to understand; clear

Elucidate (V)

To make clear by explaining

Translucent (ADJ)

Allowing light to pass through

Circumspect (ADJ)

Careful; mindful of rules and consequences

Prospect (N)

That which is expected

Specter (N)

A ghost or phantom

Individious (ADJ)

Hateful or spiteful

Providential (ADJ)

Happening by good fortune

Improvise (V)

To create without any forethought or preperation

Enunciate (V)

To pronounce or articulate

Renounce (V)

To reject by decleration

Pronouncement (N)

A decleration of opinion; judgement

Invoke (V)

To call of for support

Provocative (ADJ)

Causing disturbance or excitement

Revoke (V)

To make invalid; deactivate

Ineffable (ADJ)

Unutterable; indescribable

Infantile (ADJ)

Childish; immature

Affable (ADJ)

Easy to converse with; friendly

Edict (N)

An official order

Indict (V)

To charge with a crime; accuse

Dictum (N)

A formal or authoritative statement

Prohibit (V)

To stop one from doing something; prevent

Inhibit (V)

To get in the way of; hinder

Suffuse (V)

To fill up from within; to spread throughout

Confound (V)

To confuse and frustrate

Infuse (V)

To inject; to fill something or someone with

Sustain (V)

To support for an extended period of time

Abstain (V)

To not do something; refrain

Tenacious (ADJ)


Retinue (N)

A group that attends an important person

Replete (ADJ)

Filled up with

Implement (V)

To put into action; excuse

Deplete (V)

To use up; waste

Misinformation (N)

Untrue or wrong information

Reform (V)

To bring back to rightness, order, or mortality

Formative (ADJ)

Occuring at the time of most influence

Inept (ADJ)

Unskilled; clumsy

Adept (ADJ)

Skilled; experts at

Aptitude (N)

Skill or suitability for

Posit (V)

To put forth; assert

Impose (V)

To forcibly place upon

Disposition (N)

Attitude or mood

Figment (N)

Something invented or imaginary

Effigy (N)

A figure constructed in mockery

Prefigure (V)

To look like or predict a later thing or event

Legacy (N)

Body of ideas, achievements, and morals; example

Delegate (V)

To divide up, especially responsibilities

Agenda (N)

Plan of action; purpose

Proactive (ADJ)

Seeking to solve a problem before it occurs

Exacting (ADJ)

Demanding perfection; strict

Repulsion (N)

Desire to avoid; disgust

Dispel (V)

To scatter about, break up

Propel (V)

To cause to move towards; push

Relative (ADJ)

Dependent upon

Superlative (ADJ)

Excellent; above all others

Dilate (V)

To widen

Recant (V)

To formally withdraw

Incantation (N)

Ritual chant; spell

Disenchanted (ADJ)

Losing fondness for; unhappy with

Inaudible (ADJ)

So quiet as to be impossible to hear

Auditory (ADJ)

Having to do with the sense of hearing

Audit (N)

A thorough review

Dissonance (N)

Unpleasant or unharmonious sound

Assonance (N)

Similarity of word sounds

Resonant (ADJ)

Having an effect; powerful

Analogous (ADJ)

Comparable to; like

Dialogue (N)

Communication between two or more people

Prologue (N)

A speech, passage, or event coming before the main speech or event

Bellicose (ADJ)

Warlike in nature

Antebellum (ADJ)

Occuring before the war

Belligerence (N)

Warlike mood or attitude

Enamored (ADJ)

Fond of; feeling love towards

Amiable (ADJ)

Good-natured; cheerful

Amicable (ADJ)

Not bitter or hostile; friendly

Antagonize (V)

To act hostile towards; provoke

Protagonist (N)

The central character in a work of literature

Antagonist (N)

One who is hostile towards; one who opposes

Philosophical (ADJ)

Calm and wise; reasonable

Philanthropy (N)

Charitable donation to public causes

Bibliophile (N)

One who loves books

Impediment (N)

Something that gets in the way; obstacle

Expedient (ADJ)

Providing results quickly; practical and effective

Pedestrian (ADJ)

Lacking excitement; ordinary and dull

Pedant (N)

One possessing abundant knowledge of minor, often uninteresting, things

Pedagogue (N)

A teacher, especially one who is dull and narrow-minded

Travesty (N)

A bad imitation of; a perversion of

Vested (ADJ)

Significant to one's own profit or well-being

Vestment (N)

Clothing worn to symbolize religious or political authority

Divest (V)

To strip or remove a title or position of authority

Corporeal (ADJ)

Having to do with the body

Corpulent (ADJ)

Extremely fat; obese

Incorporate (V)

To bring together features, ideas, or elements

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