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Antivirus Program

A computer program that detects viruses and repairs files.


A destructive computer code or virus designed to activate at a specific time.

Commercial Software

Software whose copyright is owned by the author/software publisher.


Protection giving the owner the exclusive right to reproduce or distribute copies of his or her own work.


Process of converting readable data into unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access.


The principles of conduct that govern a group or society.


Software that is given away free of charge, but whose author still retains all rights.


A person who secretly gains access to computers and files without permission.


A program intended to scare users into thinking they have a virus.


A safeguard for access to a computer or computer program.


A program that modifies other programs, operating systems, and databases.


The illegal copying and distribution of software.

Public Domain Software

Software that is not copyrighted and is free to copy and distribute.


Copyrighted software distributed free of charge on a trial basis with payment by the honor system.

Trojan Horse

A virus that is disguised as a useful piece of software


A computer program designed to cause damage to computer files.


A destructive computer program that bores its way through a computer's files or through a computer's network.

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