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Global History I: Ancient People

Paleolithic and Neolithic Revolution
the study of early people by examining their remains and tools
object made by humans
the study of the cultural development of humans
a way of life; the shared understandings that exist within social groups
the study of written records
"Out of Africa" theory
theory which postulates that early man developed in Africa and migrated throughout the world from there
Paleolithic Age
humans grouped in small nomadic societies, no written records, simple stone tools
Neolithic Age
agriculture, domestication of animals, permanent settlements, smelting of copper ore
8 Features of a Civilization
job specialization, art and architecture, writing, social classes, cities, public works projects, religion, government
4 Early River Valley Civilizations
Egypt (Nile River), Mesopotamia (Tigris and Euphrates Rivers), Harappa (Indus River), China (Huang He River)