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An indvidual heterozygous for a specific trait.


A developing mammal from nine weeks to birth.


Graphic representation of genetic inheritance used by gentics to map genetic traits.


Pairs of matching homologous chromosomes in somatic cells.

Codominant Alleles

Pattern where the phenotypes of both homozygote parents are produced in heterozygous offspring so that both alleles are equally expressed.

Incomplete Dominance

Inheritance pattern where the phenotype of a heterozygote is intermediate between those of the two homozygotes.

Multiple Alleles

Presence of more that two alleles for a genetic trait.

Polygenetic Inheritance

Inheritence pattern of a trait controlled by two or more genes.

Sex Chromosome

In humans, the 23rd pair of chromosomes.

Sex-linked Trait

Traits controlled by genes located on sex chromosomes.


Chart of metaphase chromosome pairs arranged according to length and location of the centromere.

Environmental Influences

temp, nutrition, light, chemicals influence gene expression.

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