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Why is gold popular for making jewelry?

beauty & softness

Why is gold valuable?

Gold is scarce

What is the earliest record of cups and jewelry made from gold?

3500 BC

During the Middle Ages, what men tried to make gold?


When and where was the first American Gold Rush?

Georgia 1828

What were 2 ways of getting to the gold fields?

land and sea

What were two dangers of the overland route to the gold fields?

Poor planning, diseases, and taking shortcuts

What was one danger of sea travel?

rough seas and unsafe ships

What was one disadvantage of teh Panama route?

waiting too long for ships

What stayed in the miner's pan after the sand, gravel, and water washed out?


How many men were needed to operate a cradle?

2 or 3

What mining device was 12 - 25 feet long and could trap more gold than a cradle?

long tom

What is coyote mining?

Mining in underground shafts

What mining technique used high-powered hoses to wash off the mountain sides?

Hydraulic mining

What mining method was eventually banned because of its damage to the environment?

Hydraulic mining

When was gold first discovered in California?

January 24, 1848

Who discovered gold in California?

James Marshall

What nickname is given to the men who rushed to California in 1849?


What were miners forced to create when they arrived in California

Laws and government

What is the Mother Lode?

California gold field

what happened to California's population as a result of the gold rush?

population increased rapidly

What could a miner do if he felt mistreated by a group of miners?

Call a camp meeting

How was camp justice administered?

Rough and quick

How did a miner stake a claim?

Mark the land with a stake in a claim, and file a claim with the camp recorder

How did the miners govern themselves?

Democratic camp meetings

What were 2 non-white groups that worked in the mine fields?

Latin Americans, Chinese, Mexicans, Native Americans

\How were the Chinese treated in the mining camps?


Justice was fair to everyone except what race?

Any non-white man

Why was the god and silver discovery in Nevada called the Comstock Lode?

Comstock bragged so much about his gold discovery that they named it after him

Who made the Comstock discovery?

Patick McLaughlin and Peter O'Reilly

What was the dollar value of the gold & silver mined from Comstock?

$400 million

How was mining the Comstock different from earlier gold rushes?

Big companies mined for the gold

When was gold discovered in Colorado?

1859 or 1858

What did the early Colorado gold rushers paint on their wagons?

"Pike's Peak or Bust!"

What kind of books were first written about the Colorado gold rush?

guide books

What happened to Colorado as a result of the gold rush?

Population increased and resulted in becoming a state.

Where was gold discovered in 1859?

Colorado and Nevada

What were prices like in the mining towns?

very high

What did the miners do for entertainment?

gambled, danced, and played games

What were living conditions like in a mining camp?

Unsanitary and harsh

What 2 diseases did miners contract?

Cholera, yellow fever, and scurvy

Where was gold and silver in Nevada discovered?

Virginia City

Why did the Indians dislike the miners?

Miners took away their land and scared away game

Who discovered gold in Australia?


How was Australia's government different from California's?

It was already established

What is "The Welcome Stranger"?

a 140 pound gold nugget

When was most of the Alaskan gold found?

Spring and summer of 1897

What hardships did the Alaskan gold rushers face?

starvation, extreme cold, and diseases

Who owned the Black Hills when gold was discovered there?

Sioux Indian tribe

In what 3 states (other than Alaska, California, Nevada, or Colorado) was gold discovered in the late 19th century?

Montana, South Dakota, and Idaho

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