28 terms

Chapter 27

Countries governed by one ruler
Circuit judges
Traveling judges in England
Word refers to the European mainland
Magna Carta gave freemen accused of crimes the right to a trial by equals
Grand jury
A group of peopole who present the names of suspects to traveling judges
Trial Jury
A group of people who decided guilty or innocent of crime
A weapon invented during the Hundred Years' War with steel tip arrows
Royal officials of Spain who governed the towns and set up law courts
Eldest son of the King
Kings who ruled France for 300 years
Louis IX
Grandson of Philip II or Philip Augustine
Philip IV
King Louis grandson, ruled from 1285 to 1314, got rid of all French enemies
Estates General
an assembly of nobles cleargy and townspeople
William the Conqueror
Concored England as became king of England
Domesday Book
Judgement book or census book of records for taxing the people
Henry II
Ruler after William the Conqueror - restored order in England
Magna Carta
Great Charter - that gave nobles increased power
King Edward set this up to advise him on making laws
Hundred Year Wars
Long battle between the French and English - French won.
Charles VII
The Dauphin who was crowned after freeing Orleans with Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
17 year old French pesant who lead army to free Orleans
Otto I
King of Germany in 936
German Princes meeting or assembly to pick new emperor
Fredrick I
"read beard" became emporor of Germany
German royal family who served as Holy Roman emperors for 650 years
Catholic Monarchs
Catholic leaders who killed thousands of Jews in Spain
Ferdinand & Isabella
Ruler of Spain known as Catholic Monarchs - killed Jews
Muslim who invaded Spain and ruled