13 terms

Chapter 9

a substance that is prepared from killed or weakend disease causing agents including certain bacteria
able to cause disease
a change in genotype caused when cells take up foriegn genetic material
a virus that infects bateria
double helix
two strands twisted around eachother
subunits that make up DNA
the five-carbon sugar in DNA nucleotides
base-pairing rules
the structure and size of the nitrogen bases allows for only these two paired combination
complimentary base pairs
the sequence of the strand on one strand determinesthe sequence of bases on the other strand
DNA replication
the processof making a copy of DNA
DNA helicase
open the double helix by breaking the hydrogen bonds that link the complimentary nitrogen bases between the two strands
replication fork
the areas where the double helix seperates
DNA polymerase
move along each of the DNA strands, adding nucleotides to exposed nitrogen bases according to the base pair rules