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The Great Depression & WW2

Who was the only president to be reelected 3 times?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
What was the focus of Franklin Roosevelt's campaign when he ran for president? (his promise)
The New Deal
What did the "New Deal" promise?
relief programs, measures to increase employment, & to aid industrial and agricultural recovery from the Great Depression
What president is associated with the New Deal?
Franklin Roosevelt
T or F- everyone felt the same way about F. Rosevelt
False, some people loved him while others thought he was a socialist who craved greater federal power
List 3 points of FDR's platform
*strong stand on public power
*promised to reduce federal expenses
*promised to balance the budget
T or F- Roosevelt EXPLAINED IN-DEPTH how the government could both aid the public and balance its own books while operating on a reduced budget
false, Americans just trusted Roosevelt
Was FDR opposed to US intervention in certain countries?
who and why was the first modern president?
FDR was the most modern president because he used radio and television to bring his message to the public
Was FDR a pragmatic or a idealist/intellectual politician?
Name one example of FDR's pragmaticness
The bank holiday
what is the bank holiday?
It closed all banks and stopped all bank activity in order to give inspectors time to review their solvency
Most of the bills FDR proposed set up new government agencies, called the _________ agencies because of their array of acronyms.
alphabet soup
This act was designed to help american farmers by stabilizing prices and limiting overproduction. It initiated the first direct subsidies to farmers who did not plant crops.(payed farmers not to grow food)
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
T or F- the AAA(agricultural adjustment act) was declared unconstitutional and a unnecessary invasion of private property rights
This was a public works project, operated by the army, which was designed to promote environmental conservation while getting young, unemployed men off the city street corners.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
What specific things did the CCC do to help young men?
housed young men in tents and barracks, gave them 3 square meals a day, & paid them a small stipend.
One of the most ambitious and controversial New Deal projects. It proposed building dams and power plants along the Tennessee River to bring electric power to rural areas in seven states.
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
what type of people were outraged by the Tennessee Valley Authority that brought electricity to several states?
People of private power companies
This Act established the NRA(National Recovery Administration) to stimulate production and competition by having American industries set up a series of codes designed to regulate prices, industrial output, and general trade practices. very controversial
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
Section 7A of NIRA recognized the rights of _______ to organize and to have collective bargaining with managment.
rights of labor
Name 3 reasons why NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) failed
1.the NRA assumed businnesses would police themselves
2.corporations rarely respected the rights of labor to organize. Because of the number and complexity of codes, the federal government never enforced the labors right ot collectiive bargaining
3.The NRA attacked recovery from the wrong direction. It tried to stabilize prices by lowering production, rather than redistributing money to American consumers and encouraging them to purchase goods.
The 2 periods that Roosevelt's years in office can be split into:
1. the first deal-characterized by releif of immediete problems of unemployment
2.the second deal-characterized by reform.
a conservation roman catholic priest and political activist who opposed the new deal & had a radio show
Father Charles Coughlin
He was the most powerful New Deal critic who was the governor of Louisiana. He used his power to expand louisanas underveloped infrastructure and helped build new hospitals, schools, highways, bridges, and schools. broke the old system
Huey Long
What was Long's campaign slogan?
"Every man a king, but no one wears a crown"