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Adobe Illustrator (AI)

software used to draw, create and alter vector image formats to produce various designs, artwork and advertising


an image composed of pixels with a fixed resolution

Bitmap (.bmp)

an uncompressed bit file format that is very large and is not appropriate for the web


the measure of relative lightness or darkness of a color (measured as a percentage from 0% [black] to 100% [white])


encoding data to take up less storage space and less bandwidth for transmission


special formatting style that blurs the edge of an image

Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)

compressed bitmap file format (lossless) that supports only 256 colors and is appropriate for the web; supports transparency and animation

Joint Photographer Experts Group (.jpg)

a compressed bitmap file format (lossy) that is preferred for photographs; supports 16 million colors and is appropriate for the web; does not support transparency or animation


a feature that allows you to place one image on top of another and edit each independently


a compression formula that reduces the file size without data loss


a compression formula that reduces the file size by removing certain pixels


hiding part of a layer so that you can manipulate only the visible parts of the layer

Portable Network Graphics (.png)

compressed bitmap file format (lossless) similar to the gif format; it is not limited to 256 colors, is appropriate for the web, and supports transparency


converting vector objects in an image to pixels that can be displayed on a screen or printed

Red Eye Reduction

a photo editing technique to remove the red from the eye in a photo


a design element that includes geometric, natural, or abstract __________s

Special Effects

the effect or impression used to produce materials that cannot be achieved by normal techniques

Tagged Image File (.tif)

uncompressed bitmap file format that supports 16 million colors; supports transparency, file size is very large, and is not appropriate for the web


a multimedia element consisting of alphanumeric characters


a visual quality in which a distant image or element can be seen through a nearer one


decompressing a zipped file


an image created by using a series of mathematically defined lines and curves rather than pixels, making the image easier to rescale; also called draw-type graphics

Windows Metafile (.wmf)

Microsoft's vector file format; most Microsoft clip are are metafiles and can be edited


compressing files to reduce file size

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