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13 terms

Levi's Foramen

Foramen Cecum
emmissary vein to superior saggital sinus
posterior ethmoidal foramen
posterior ethmoidal VAN
Optic Canal
Optic Nerve
opthalmic artery
superior orbital fissure
Occulomotor nerve
trochlear nerve
Opthalmic branch of V
Abducens nerve
Opthalmic vein
Foramen rotundum
Maxillary branch of V
Foramen Ovale
Mandibular branch of V
accessory meningeal artery
lesser petrosal nerve
Foramen Spinosum
Middle Meningeal artery and vein
meningeal branch of mandibular nerve
Foramen Lacerum
Greater Petrosal Nerve
Carotid Canal
Internal Carotid
internal carotid nerve plexus
Internal auditory meatus
Facial Nerve
vestibulocochlear nerve
Jugular Foramen
Glossopharyngeal Nerve
Accessory nerve
inferior petrosal sinus
sigmoid sinus
posterior meningeal artery
Hypoglossal canal
Hypoglossal nerve
Foramen Magnum
Medulla Oblongata
vertebral arteries + meningeal branches
spinal roots of accessory nerve