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  1. What is collectivism?
  2. What is PPP?
  3. What are three categories demonstrated
  4. What is the main difference between communist and social democrats?
  5. What is a democracy?
  1. a an adjustment in gross domestic product per capita to reflect differences in cost of living
  2. b 1. the increasing spread of democracy
    2. New world order and terrorism
    3.the spread of market based systems
  3. c the means by which socialism is achieved e.g. democratic vs. violent and totalitarian
  4. d political system in which government is by the people, exercised either directly or though elected representatives
  5. e a political system that emphasizes collective goals over individual goals (plato)

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  1. the yardstick for measuring economic activity of a country; it measures the total annual income received by a nations residents
  2. a political philosophy advocating substantial public involvement, through government ownership, in the means of production and distribution; it would benefit society as a whole
  3. it shapes the country's economic and legal systems
  4. ethnic group monopolizes power
  5. 1. innovation and entrepreneurship are the engines of long term growth
    2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Require a Market Economy
    3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Require Strong Property Rights

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  1. What is private action?the theft piracy, blackmail, and the like by private individuals or groups


  2. What is right wing totalitarianism?a political system in which political power is monopolized by a party, group, or individual that gernerally permits individual economic freedom but restricts individual political freedom, including free speech, frequently on grounds that it would lead to the rise of communism.


  3. What is a legal system?a system of rules that regulate behavior and the process by which the laws are enforced and through which the redress of grievance is obtained


  4. What a communist totalitarianism?Form of government in which one person or political party exercises absolute control over all spheres of human life and prohibits opposing political parties


  5. True or False? Common law contracts tend to be more detailed and as a result more constantly but they are more flexible than civil law contracts.True but mature democracy truly secure property rights