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  1. political economy
  2. True or False? Common law contracts tend to be more detailed and as a result more constantly but they are more flexible than civil law contracts.
  3. What are the two ways that property rights can be violated?
  4. True or False? Currently there are huge debates as to what economic system leads to development. Is it democracy or mixed economy?
  5. what is individualism?
  1. a True but mature democracy truly secure property rights
  2. b an emphasis on the importance of guaranteeing individual freedom and self-expression (Aristotle)
  3. c 1. private action
    2. public action
  4. d True
  5. e the political, economic, and legal systems of a country

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  1. a version of collectivism advocating that socialism can achieved only through a totalitarian dictatorship
  2. a political system that emphasizes collective goals over individual goals (plato)
  3. does not consider cost of living
  4. 1. GDI(Gross National Income)
    2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    3.Human Development Index
  5. United Convention on Contracts for the International sale of Goods is a set rules governing certain aspects of the making and performance of commercial contracts between sellers and buyers who have their places of business in different nations

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  1. What are three categories demonstratedthe bundle of legal rights over the use to which a resource is put and over the use made of any income that me be derived from that resource


  2. What is best for society according to individualism?individual freedom and self expression and that society welfare is best served by letting people pursue their own economic self-intrest


  3. What is theocratic totalitarianism?ethnic group monopolizes power


  4. What is right wing totalitarianism?a political system in which political power is monopolized by a party, group, or individual that gernerally permits individual economic freedom but restricts individual political freedom, including free speech, frequently on grounds that it would lead to the rise of communism.


  5. The spread of of market based systems entails what characteristics?1. deregulation
    2. privatization
    3. Legal system to safeguard property rights