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  1. What are some other "factors" that tend to hinder economic development?
  2. What are some determinants of Economic Development?
  3. What are the different types of legal systems?
  4. What are the two dimension by which political systems can be assessed?
  5. What is political system?
  1. a 1. democratic or totalitarian
    2. collectivism or individualism
  2. b 1. GDI(Gross National Income)
    2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    3.Human Development Index
  3. c 1. common law
    2. civil law
    3. theocratic law
  4. d the system of government in a nation
  5. e 1. Geography; land-lock areas and tropical regions grow more slowly
    2. Education is crucial for development

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  1. the theft piracy, blackmail, and the like by private individuals or groups
  2. True
  3. the political, economic, and legal systems of a country
  4. the means by which socialism is achieved e.g. democratic vs. violent and totalitarian
  5. political system in which government is by the people, exercised either directly or though elected representatives

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  1. what is individualism?an emphasis on the importance of guaranteeing individual freedom and self-expression (Aristotle)


  2. What is best for society according to individualism?individual freedom and self expression and that society welfare is best served by letting people pursue their own economic self-intrest


  3. What does a political system shape in a country?the system of government in a nation


  4. Why is GNI misleading?an emphasis on the importance of guaranteeing individual freedom and self-expression (Aristotle)


  5. What is the fault with CIGS?Not many countries have ratified the convention only 70