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he escrito

I have written

Yo había escrito

I had written

hemos descrito

We have described

habíamos descrito

We had described

hemos descubierto

We have discovered

habíamos descubierto

We had discovered

te has acostado

You have gone to bed

te habías acostado

You had gone to bed

se ha despertado

He has woken up

se había despertado

He had woken up

te has puesto

You have become

te habías puesto

You had become

Ud. ha hecho

You have done

Ud. había hecho

You had done

han sido

They have been

habían sido

They had been

nos has dado

You have given us

nos habías dicho

You had told us

se ha muerto

She has died

se había muerto

She had died

Yo he roto

I have broken

Yo había roto

I had broken

Ud. ha visto

You have seen

Ud. había visto

You had seen

hemos ido

we have been

habíamos ido

we had been

ud. ha frito

you have fried

ud había frito

you had fried

tú has cubierto

you have covered

tú habías cubierto

you had covered

Yo he vuelto

I have returned

Yo había vuelto

I had returned

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