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32 terms

Presente Perfecto vs. Pluscuamperfecto

he escrito
I have written
Yo había escrito
I had written
hemos descrito
We have described
habíamos descrito
We had described
hemos descubierto
We have discovered
habíamos descubierto
We had discovered
te has acostado
You have gone to bed
te habías acostado
You had gone to bed
se ha despertado
He has woken up
se había despertado
He had woken up
te has puesto
You have become
te habías puesto
You had become
Ud. ha hecho
You have done
Ud. había hecho
You had done
han sido
They have been
habían sido
They had been
nos has dado
You have given us
nos habías dicho
You had told us
se ha muerto
She has died
se había muerto
She had died
Yo he roto
I have broken
Yo había roto
I had broken
Ud. ha visto
You have seen
Ud. había visto
You had seen
hemos ido
we have been
habíamos ido
we had been
ud. ha frito
you have fried
ud había frito
you had fried
tú has cubierto
you have covered
tú habías cubierto
you had covered
Yo he vuelto
I have returned
Yo había vuelto
I had returned