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peripheral nervous system

the part of the nervous system that consists of various nerve processes and receptors


the cerebrum, diencephalon, and cerebellum are parts of the:

cerebral contusion

bruising of brain tissue as a result of head injury


a large category of psychiatric disorders in which the symptoms are distressing to the person, reality testing is within normal limits and behavior does not violate gross social norms refers to:


a chronic ailment of sudden, recurrent attack of sleep or drowsiness


abnormal preoccupation with setting fires or seeing them

it connects the brain and spinal cord with receptors, muscles, and glands

a true statement about the peripheral nervous system


the term for any major mental disorder characterized by gross impairment in reality testing and often characterized by inappropriate mood and diminished impulse control


nerve endings that detect changes in temperature are termed:

semicircular canals

what structures provide a sense of balance


nerve endings that detect chemicals are called:


there is more chance for advancement working in a hospital facility than in a private physician's office


because of the diversity in reimbursement methods, it is very important that the insurance billing specialist have knowledge of insurance programs


when admitted as a workers' compensation case, the patient will not have an insurance card


Elective surgeries are deferrable


The purpose of the DRG-based system is to hold down rising health care costs

co-workers, family, friends

confidentional information about patients should never be discussed with who?

48 hours

when a patient who has a managed care contract is admitted to a hospital for an emergency, the managed care program needs to be notified within

72-hour rule

the rule stating that when a patient receives outpatient services within 72 hours of admission, then all outpatient services are combined with inpatient services and become part of the diagnostic-related group rate for admission, is called:

principal diagnosis

the significant reason for which a patient is admitted to the hospital is coded using the...


the codebook used to list procedures on outpatient hospital claims is...

admitting clerk

the person who interviews the patient and obtains personal and insurance information and the admitting diagnosis is a/an...


daily progress notes are entered on the patient's medical record by...


the claim form transmitted to the insurance carrier for reimbursement for inpatient hospital services is called:


how many diagnostic categories (MDCs) are there in the DRG-based system?

preadmission testing

PAT is the abbreviation for..

UR (utilization review)

the hospital dept. that conducts an admission and concurrent review on all cases and prepares a discharge plan to determine whether admissions are justified i called _________ dept.

discharge summary

clinical resume for the final progress note


the abbreviation of the phrase that indicates when claims are submitted electronically is...


what does the abbreviation CC indicate when used with DRGs?


an insurance billing specialist may be employed by a physician, hospital, or other medical facility or may choose to be self employed


a blind mailing means sending information to potential employers who have not advertised a job opening


it is never acceptable to fax a resume to a prospective employer


most of the certifications offered for individuals who bill for physicians are obtained through state organizations


an insurance billing specialists should join a professional organization of billers because this helps in keeping up to date with coding information

customized, typed for neatness, addressed to a specific person

cover letters should be..

place of last employment

in an interview, inquiries about the following are illegal except

thank employer for the interview, keep the applicant's name at the attention of the potential employer

after an interview, a follow-up letter should be written to


an employer may evaluate the application itself to determine whether the applicant can follow_______.

chronological resume

a resume that provides recent experiences first, with dates and descriptive date for each job is ________.

functional resume

a resume that states the skills an individual is able to perform is ________.

combination resume

a resume that summarizes the applicant's job skills, as well as educational and employment history is _________.


_____the resume carefully for spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and typographic errors.

physical appearance

it has been found that when applicant have similar skills and education, the decision to hire has been based on_________at the interview.


letters of recommendation, school diplomas or degrees, certificates, names and addresses of references, and some neatly typed insurance claim forms are items an applicant may enclose in a______.

blind mailing, cold calls, internet, attend meetings and workshops, temp agencies, job hotlines, network, yellow pages, library, newspaper ads

5 ways to search for a job

requesting an interview

what should a cover letter end with?

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