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Lorrin Thurston

Head of Reform Party

John L. Stevens

U.S. Minister of Hawaii

Theo H. Davies

Owner of a mercantile & shipping firm

Charles R. Bishop

Opened the first bank in Hawaii

Walter M. Gibson

Founded a bi-weekly newspaper, Ka Nuhou HI


First Kuhina Nui


Queen mother, sacred wife of Kamehameha

John Waihe'e

First Governor of Hawaiian ancestry

Daniel Inouye

AJA hero, lost his arm in WW 2

George Ariyoshi

First Governor of American Japanese ancestry

'Iolani Liholiho

Abolished Kapu System


Revived the hula 'Merry Monarch'/Wrote Hawai'i Pono'i


Died at the age of 21

Father Damien

Fight for shelter for leprosy patients at Kalawao


Part of the outcast in Ancient Hawai'i

Kamehameha I

Pai'ea/Lonely one, united all islands under 1 ruler, ruled under Kapu System & law of the Splintered Paddle

Prince Kuhio

Delegate to Congress, Hawaiian Homes Act


Last ruler of Hawai'i

Sanford B. Dole

President of PG government

Kamehameha III

Kauikeaouli, married his sister, gave us the Great Mahele

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