Ruby-Throated Hummingbird


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sexual dimorphism
Distinct difference in size or appearance between the sexes of an animal
Seasonal movement of organisms from one area to another for mating or survival purposes
Brightly colored in a way that appears to change depending on viewing angle
courtship display
A set of behaviors used to attact a mate. This may include displays of ability, strength, or good health.
ultraviolet light
A frequency of light that has higher energy than visible light yet is is undetectable by the human eye. Many bird species are able to detect ultraviolet light, which may add to their visual displays to other birds.
The process of shedding old feathers and growing new feathers. For ruby-throated hummingbirds, this occurs during the winter months.
A temporary state of decreased metabolic activity that allows an organism to survive even when environmental conditions are unfavorable.