Physics 3 Terms

Electrical energy
The kind of energy carried by electricity.
Something that is needed to make things happen.
Heat energy
The hotter something is the more heat energy it has.
Kinetic energy
The kind of energy in moving things.
Light energy
The kind of energy given out by light bulbs, candles, etc.
Sound energy
The kind of energy that is made by anything that is making a noise.
Atomic energy
Another word for nuclear energy.
Chemical energy
The kind of energy stored in chemicals. Food, fuel and batteries all contain chemical energy.
Gravitational potential energy
The kind of energy stored by anything that can fall down.
The unit for measuring energy.
There are 1000 joules in 1 kilojoule.
Nuclear energy
Energy stored inside the particles that things are made out of.
Potential energy
The scientific word for 'stored' energy.
Strain energy
The kind of energy stored in stretched or squashed things which can bounce back to their original shapes.
Law of conservation
"The idea that energy can never be created or destroyed, only changed from one form of energy to another."
Something that changes energy from one form to another.
The way heat travels through solids.
A material that lets energy travel through it easily.
A material that does not let energy flow through it.
A completely empty space.