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Anesthesia services are based on ____________time the patient is under the anesthesiologist's care. Calculation of units of time is determined by the third-party payer.

begins preparing the patient to receive anesthesia, continues through the procedure, and ends when the patient is no longer under the personal care of the anesthesiologist.

Anesthesia time begins when the anesthesilogist ___________________and continues ______________ the procedure, and ends when ______________________________________________


According to the Anesthesia Guidelines, what is the one modifier that is not used with anesthesia procedures? _______ (no hyphen)

physical status

"P1" is an example of what type of modifier? ___________ _____________


What word means "in a dying state"?


What word means "affecting the body as a whole"?


The letter "P" in combination with what number indicates a brain-dead patient?


What type of circumstance identifies a component of anesthesia service that affects the character of the service?


Anesthesia procedures are divided by what type of site?

complex, combined total (or total time)

According to the Anesthesia Guidelines, the Separate or Multiple Procedures section, when multiple surgical procedures are performed during a single anesthetic administration, the anesthesia code representing the most ____________ procedure is reported and the time reported is the ________________ or _________________ for all procedures.


Is it true that a physician who personally administers the anesthesia to the patient upon whom he or she is operating cannot bill the third-party payer? (if True, why; if False, why, AND is there any additional information you might want to add?)

Relative Value Guide (RVG)

What is the name of the guide that is published by the American Society of Anesthesiologists and provdides the weights of various anesthesia services?

What is the largest section of the six CPT manual sections?


Does Medicare reimburse for a surgical tray?


The subsections in the Surgery section are usually divided according to ___________.

medical specialty or body system or anatomical site.

These are found at the beginning of each section and contain information specific to he section.


This symbol indicates new or revised text within the current edition of the CPT manual.

l> <l

Information within parenthesis is referred to as ________ expression or phrase.


Before assigning this type of code, you must be certain that a more specific Category I or a Category III code is not available.___________


This report contains the nature, extent, need, time, effort, and at times equipment necessary to provide a service. ________


This designation within the CPT manual indicates a proedure that is only reported when it is performed as the only procedure or when another procedure performed at the same time is unrelated to this procedure. This is a ______procedure.


When time, effort, and services are bundled together, they form a______package.


______anesthesia is defined as local infiltration, metacarpal/digital block, or topical anesthesia.


According to Medicare guidelines, ______ complications of a surgical procedure are usually included in the reimbursement of major surgical procedure.


Code______is a CPT code that can be assigned to report a surgical tray.


Code______is a HCPCS code that can be assigned to report a surgical tray.


This code reports a postoperative follow-up visit that is included in the global service.


The Musculoskeletal System subsection is formatted according to what type of sites?


Which physician subspecialty can report the codes from the Musculoskeletal System subsection?

any physician

List the three types of fracture treatments and briefly describe each:

1.Closed: the fracture site is not opened to view. 2.Open: the fracture site is opened to the surgeon's view or remotely opened.
3.Percutaneous skeletal fixation: neither open nor closed but where pins, screws, or other fixation is placed into the fracture through the skin.

It is the ______of the fracture that determines the method of treatment.

extent or type

__________is the application of pulling force to hold a bone in place.


What is the term that describes the physician's actions of bending, rotation, pulling, or guiding the bone back into place?


What term is used to mean "put the bone back in place"?


What term describes a bone that is not in its normal location?

dislocation or dislocated

What term describes the cleaning of a wound?


This is a hollow needle that is often used to withdraw samles of fluid from a joint:


Would a biopsy code usually include the administration of any necessary local anesthesia?


What does CPT stand for

Current Procedural terminology

The CPT manual ofter reflects the technologic advances made in medicine with these codes

Category 3 Codes

The CPT manual is ever changing and is updated annually to feflect techonolgic advances and editorial


What type of code ends with 99


Coding infor that pertains to an entire sectionis located in the


These codes provide supplemental infor and do not sub for a category 1 code

Category 2 codes

what is the name of a 2 digit number or a digit and a number that is located after the CPt code number and provides more detail about the code


Where is a list of modifiers located

Appendix A

when using an unlisted or category 3 code, third party payers usually require the submission of what

special report

Additions, deletions, and revisions are listed in which appendix

Appendix B

A listing of all add on codes is located in which Appendix

Appendix D

The symbol used between 2 code numbers to indicate that a range is available is a


Symbol that indicates a product is pending FDA approval is the

lightening bolt

A complete list of codes designated with the symbol that indicates a product is pending FDA approval is listed in this appendix of the CPT mannual

Appendix K

The genetic testing code modifiers are listed in this appendix of the CPT manual

Appendix I

when more that two physicians with technicians and specialized equipment work together to complete a complicated procedure and each physician has a specific portion of the surgery to complete they are termed what

Co- surgeons

Can modifier 22 be assigned to 99291, 99292 codes


Modifier indicates an increased service and is oversued and results in an increase in payment of 20% to 30%


when modifier 54 is assigned payment for the_____ portion of the surgical procedure is being requested

Surgical Care

what is the weight in pounds of a 4 kilogram infant


Four types of patient status

new patient, established patient and out patient

first outpatient visit is call

new patient

three factors a coder must consider when coding are patient

place of service, type of service, and patient status

how many types of histories are there


four types of examinations

problem focused, expanded problem focus, detailed and comprehensive

What does VLBW stand for

very low birth weight

what term is used to describe a patient who has been formally admitted to a hospital

hospital inpatient services

what are three things that are considerded components of wound repair

ligation, exploration, debridement

wound repair codes are dtermined by what three criteria

length, complexity, and site of repair

what are the three classifications of wound repair

simple, intermediate, complex

what does modifier -51 indicate

multiple procedures

what is the title for the info that precedes each section


The cleanising of an area or wound


what biopsy may be performed to excise a disc of tissue


elastic material formed into a sac that is often filled with fluid or air

tissue expander

name of graph taken from patients body

auto graft

the mafour distinction in coding destruction of lesions is whether the lesion is

benign or malignant

the division of malignant lesion excision is based on

site and size

procedure used to treat acne or wrinkles by means of sanding


in order to report mohs surgery the physician would act as the surgeon and the


what biopsy is entire lesion removed


What type of sites is the musculoskeletal system subsection formatted


three types of fracture treatments

closed, open and percutaneous skeletal fixation

what is the application of pulling force to hold a bone n place


when physician bends rotates pulls and guids bone back into place


bone not in its normal location


cleaning of a wound


hollow needle that is often used to withdraw samples of fluid from a joint


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