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  1. fawn
  2. collusion
  3. surmise
  4. vivacious
  5. hew
  1. a an idea or thought of something as being possible or likely (n)
    to think or infer without certain or strong evidence; conjecture; guess (v)
  2. b to chop, hack, or cut (v)
  3. c lively in temper, conduct, or spirit; attractively lively or animated (adj)
  4. d secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose; conspiracy (n)
  5. e to show affection (v)
    a young deer (n)

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  1. to deprive of something by trickery, deception, or fraud (n)
  2. sour in taste, harsh or severe in temper or expression (adj)
  3. not domesticated or cultivated; wild; gloomy (adj)
  4. characteristic of ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing; informal, conversational style (adj)
  5. to entrust; to tell confidentially (v)

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  1. callowwithout experience; immature, not fully developed; lacking sophistication and poise; without feathers (adj)


  2. wheedlenot domesticated or cultivated; wild; gloomy (adj)


  3. orationa member of a military unit formerly composed of such cavalrymen, as in the British army; (formerly) a mounted infantryman armed with a short musket (n)
    to force by oppressive measures; coerce (v)


  4. manifestoto actively encourage or aid (v)


  5. malleablecapable of being altered or controlled by outside forces; adaptable (adj)