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a quick dance featuring fancy footwork associated with rural American


the ability to play or sing in tune


a slow tempo

ledger line

short, horizontal line used to extend the staff either higher or lower


an articulation or style of playing that is smoothed and connected

legato style playing

to play or sing groups of notes smoothly and without separate attack


playing in a style that is not accented, loud or heavy

Maelzel's metronome

a number which indicates the number of beats per minute


to play in a majestic manner


a West-Indian ballroom dance similar to the cha-cha-cha and rumba


an accented or stressed note

minor scale

a series of ascending and/or descending notes spanning an octave representing a minor key, always including a lowered (minor) 3rd degree of the scale


a medium tempo

molto rallentando

becoming much slower

molto ritardando

becoming much slower




play very slow

poco rallentando

becoming a little slower

poco ritardando

becoming a little slower


a fast Bohemian dance in duple time that originated around 1830

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