Unit 4 CBA Review

Define asexual reproduction.
A single parent produces offspring that are identical to the parent.
Define sexual reproduction.
A new cell formed when DNA from both parents.
Hydras reproduce by _________ reproduction.
Strawberry plants reproduce by _________ reproduction.
Bacteria and Protazoans reproduce by _________ reproduction.
What is budding?
Budding is the process by which, a new duplicate plant or animal begins to form at the side of the parent and enlarges until an individual is created.
What is binary fission?
Binary Fission is becoming two by division of two complete organisms.
What happens during fertilization?
The egg and the sperm join together to make a zygote.
Where are sperm cells produced in the male?
Where are egg cells produced in the female?
What is menstruation?
Female cycle that occurs every 28 days. It's the discharge of tissue and blood.
What does Adrenal Gland do?
It is responsible for the "fight or flight" response and releases adrenaline which gives you sudden bursts of strength and energy.
What does the thyroid do?
Regulates your metabolism.
What is the function of the pancreas?
Produces insulin and glucagon which regulates the body's use of glucose.
Define hormone.
Products deliver messages to the body
What does the Endocrine System do?
Secretes hormones into the blood that controls long term changes, like development and growth.
Describe Darwin's discoveries related to the finch's beaks.
He discovered that each flinch had slightly different beaks because of where they lived and ate.
What is selective breeding and give an example.
A controlled process of breeding plants and animals for a particular trait.
EX: A farmer mates 2 large cows to produce more meat.
Describe the difference between natural selection and selective breeding.
Natural Selection: occurs in nature
Selective breeding: controlled by humans
What is "survival of the fittest" and what scientist is associated with it?
Organisms that are better suited for their environment survive and reproduce much more effectively.
Charles Darwin
Define genotype.
Genetic make-up of an organism.
Define phenotype.
What we see on the outside; appearance of an organism
What is the difference between haploid and diploid?
Haploids contain half the number of chromosomes and Diploids contain 2 complete sets of chromosome.
Determine the Gender:
XY=_____ XX=_____
XY= Male
XX= Female
Define allele.
An alternative form of a gene (one member of a pair) that is located at a specific position on a specific chromosome.
Define DNA.
Genetic material that carries inherited traits from the parent to the offspring.
Sex cells contain ___ chromosomes.
Body cells contain ___ chromosomes.
Define karyotype.
An organized profile of a person's chromosome.
What is DNA?
Genetic material that carries inherited traits from the parent to the offspring.
What are punnet squares used for?
To determine the probability of the characteristics of the offspring.