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  1. violation
  2. jump ball
  3. scoring
  4. technical foul
  5. disqualifying foul
  1. a called for rough play or unsportsmanlike conduct; a player may be removed for any such incident
  2. b foul called on player, coach, bench, or spectator for unsportmanlike conduct. one free throw and ball on the side are awarded if the foul is called on the player. results in 2 free throws and an out-of-bounds play.
  3. c method of putting the ball into play at the beginning of each game and each quarter or when 2 players on opposite teams send the ball out-of-bounds simultaneously. The ball is tossesd up between 2 opponents in the circle with teammates lined up outside the circle. The 2 players taking the jump ball cannot catch the ball until someone outside the circle touches it. Players outside the circle cannot move until the ball is tapped by one of the players
  4. d infringement of the rules; an out-of-bounds play is usually awarded
  5. e any basket from the field counts 2 points, a free throw counts 1 point. after a basket or free throw is scored, the ball is put into play behind the line at the opponent's basket

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  1. there are 2 baskets, 1 on each end of the floor (court); the one your team shoots at is your basket
  2. no offensive player may stand inside the free throw land for 3 seconds
  3. foul called on player for body contact
  4. means of moving ball down the court by bouncing the ball one or more times on the floor
  5. an anguarded attempt to make a basket by a player who has been fouled. The player attempting the free throw lines up behind the free throw line and cannot step on or over this line until the ball she shot touches the rim of the basket

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  1. chargingcontact resulting from a player moving the body into an opponent whose position is already established


  2. out-of-bounds playone player is given the ball to throw it in to one of her teammates. She must get the ball in bounds within 5 seconds without stepping on the boundary line as she throws the ball in


  3. travelingcontact resulting from a player moving the body into an opponent whose position is already established


  4. reboundname given to the situation when a shot is taken but the ball fails to go in the basket


  5. defensive playerplayer on the team which has possession of the ball; team tries to score by shooting ball at basket