26 terms


general condition of the atmosphere at a given time
Atmospheric Pressure
ratio of weight of air to surface it pushes on
Why do higher tempertures have lower atmosphere pressure?
There is less air because as you go higher in elevation, the force of gravity is weaker and it can't hold as much air in place
Winds are formed by...
air moving from high to low pressure
Hot air...and has...underneath
cold air...and has... underneath
Jet stream
special belt of winds that blow across the US from West to East and brings most of the weather to PA
Winds get...due to earth's rotation
bent or deflected
What is the coriolis effect?
When earth's winds get deflected due to the rotation of the Earth
What are winds named after?
from where they come from
where a high pressure center moves clockwise
what happens when in warms up?
no clouds
where a low pressure center moves counter-clockwise
what happens when it cools off (reaches dew point)
clouds or precipitation
Air mass
large body of air with uniform temperture and moisture content
boundary line where two different air masses meet
cold front
when cold air mass overtakes a warm air mass
warm front
when warm air mass overtakes cold one
stationary front
2 air masses meet and neither one moves
occluded front
when a fast moving cold front overtakes a warm front and forces warm air off ground
storm with rain, thunder, lightning, and possibly hail
sinking current of air that can create gusty storms called squalls
small, whirling, funnel-shaped cyclone
severe tropical storms that behaves like a cyclone
minimum wind speed of a hurricane
120 km/hr (74 mph)
what is warm water
fuel for hurricane