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3 Developmental Domains

Physical, Cognitive, and Social/Emotional.


Inherited (genetic) characteristics and tendencies.


Environmental conditions.


Commonalities seen in all individuals.


Different individuals progress in different ways.


A change in quality. Dramatic change in essence or underlying studies.


Gradual progression with many small additions and modifications.

Theories of Child Development

Biological, behaviorism/social learning, psychodynamic, cognitive process, sociocultural, developmental systems.

Ethical Protection of Children

Do no harm, obtain approval from authorities, obtain permission from parents, preserve children's privacy, be honest, and communicate openly.


Interview and questionnaire

Test and Assessments

IQ test, individual numerical answers.

Psychological Measures

Habituation studies (shows infants interest in certain things).


Observing behaviors, patterns, and interests.


Does the measure assess what the researcher wants to assess?


Does the measure provide consistent, dependable results?

Cross-sectional Design

Taking a part of a population and study them over a long period of time.

Longitudinal Design

Track group over a long period of time.

Microgenetic Studies

A psychological Study.

Cohort-sequential studies.

New class of people: follow class of 2012 for 4 years.

Parenting Styles

Authoritative, authoritarian, permissive/indulgent, uninvolved/disengaged.

Child Maltreatment

Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.


Drop previous culture values, and adopt the new culture values.

Selective Adoption

Selecting to adopt some of the new culture.


Rejecting everything about the new culture and continuing the old culture in the new area.

Bicultrual Orientation

Claim pieces of both cultures; mexican-american.

Effects of Poverty

Poor nutrition, inadequate housing, toxic environment, gaps in background knowledge, disabling contitions, emotional stress, lower quality schools, and public misconceptions.

Collectivist Culture

The group is more important than the individual.

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