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  1. 14th amendment
  2. literacy test
  3. lynching
  4. 13th amendment
  5. John Lewis
  1. a 1890's+, lynching black men became a publec spectacle... many many lynchings of black people
  2. b long-time labor leader who organized and led the first important unskilled workers labor union, called in to represent union during sit-down strike LED THE MARCH FROM SELMA TO MONT. with Williams
  3. c 1865- abolished slavery
  4. d a test that people had to take if their gandfather could not vote on Jan. 1, 1868- these tests were very hard, containing very specific information on american government and voting systems; ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE
  5. e 1868- equal protection to all citizens under the law

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  1. Lincoln Memorial, March on Washington, August 28, 1963
  2. 1st black to earn Ph.D. from Harvard, he met with 29 other professional black men and encouraged blacks to resist systems of segregation and discrimination,-this was called the Niagara Movement in 1905- he helped create NAACP in 1910
  3. I Have a Dream Speech
  4. In 1892 a shoemaker named Homer Plessy was arrested for sitting in a railroad car in Louisiana. It was for "white people only."- he brought this case to the supreme court and lost
  5. May 4, 1961- 7 blacks, 6 whites, from Washington to New Orleans to test the desegregation of buses, they were beaten, the bus was attacked, Interstate Commerce Act (November 1961) began which enforced desegregation

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  1. grandfather clauseif your grandfather could vote on January 1, 1868, then you could vote too- of course, no blacks could vote until 1870 15th amendment


  2. Emmet TillChildrens March


  3. SNCC14th amendment


  4. Jimmie Lee Jacksonstate segregation laws in the South that separated whites and blacks in public places


  5. "Civil War Amendments"1870- all citizens could vote; no discrimination


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