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  1. 15th amendment
  2. "Civil War Amendments"
  3. The election of Rutherford B. Hayes
  4. SNCC
  5. August 1963
  1. a compromise of 1877- southern democrats let Hayes (R) be the president if the military rule that was put into the South during reconstruction was removed: there had been a problem in counting the electoral votes
  2. b 1870- all citizens could vote; no discrimination
  3. c I Have a Dream Speech
  4. d -a group established in 1960 to promote and use non-violent means to protest racial discrimination; they were the ones primarily responsible for creating the sit-in movement at Woolworths
  5. e 13th, 14th, 15th

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  1. 1896 - The Supreme Court said in Plessy v. Ferguson that as long as facilities available to both races were roughly equal, it didn't violate the 14th amendment: separtate was equal
  2. 13th amendment
  3. 15th amendment
  4. Childrens March
  5. blacks could vote

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  1. Rosa Parkssat on bus when a white man came in to take her seat, which was the rule, she didn't move, she was arrested; this sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott


  2. Hosea WilliamsSCLC colleague of King that co-led Selma to Montgomery march with John Lewis


  3. Children's marchchildren congregated at the 16th Street Baptist Church and filed out into Kelly Ingram Park where police rounded them up and they filled up the jails in protest of segregation


  4. 1961Freedom Rides


  5. 13th amendment1865- abolished slavery