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something that represents more than just itself

Bandwagon technique

a persuasive technique in which the reader is urged to do or believe everyone else does it


the use of symbols

Testimonial technique

a persuasive technique in which celebrities endorse a product or idea

Emotional appeal technique

a persuasive technique in which words or images are used to appeal the reader's emotion

Snob appeal technique

a persuasive technique that suggests the reader can be like the rich, great people who do/sell an advertisement

Plain folks technique

a persuasive technique in which the opinions of ordinary people are used to convince the reader


a type of play that at the climax life get worse for the main character/protagonist


a type of play in which life gets better usually with a happy ending


a word that express emotion or verbal hesitation

Spelling rule #4

when adding a suffix to a word drop the final E if the suffix begins with a vowel


how anything read is written for the different types of readers


the writer's reader's of the article

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