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  1. Intercom
  2. Intermittent
  3. Precipitous
  4. Disperse
  5. Interrogate
  1. a question formally
  2. b dangerously high or steep; You could hurt yourself badly if you fell off a precipitous cliff.
  3. c stopping and starting at intervals
  4. d device for communicating between rooms
  5. e distribute or spread over a wide area; In fall the fluffy seeds of milkweed pod disperse in the wind

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  1. back-and-forth action; action and reaction
  2. the study of historical records to establish the dates of past events; A chronology of your life lists the main events in the order of occurrence. - like a timeline
  3. wishing to do what is right especially to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly; Employees who do their work conscientiously are efficient and well-respected
  4. insert between two other things
  5. within a single state

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  1. Intermediaryperson who acts as a go-between, especially to settle differences


  2. PermeateSpread throughout (something) - pervade; When you peel an orange, it cent will quickly permeate the room.


  3. Subtleso delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe; Pale pink is a subtle color, bright orange is not.


  4. Interlacedinsert between two other things


  5. Intramuralwithin a single state