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auscultation and percussion

auscult/o- = listening
-ation = a process; being or having

percuss/o- = tapping
-ion = action; condition

definition: procedure that uses a stethoscope to listen to breath sounds

cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

cardi/o- = heart
pulm/o- = lung
-ary = pertaining to

resuscit/o- = revive; raise up again
-ation = a process; being or having

definition: procedure to ventilate the lungs and artificially circulate the blood if the patient has stopped breathing and the heart has stopped beating.

endotracheal intubation

end/o-= innermost; within
trache/o- = trachea (windpipe)
-al = pertaining to

in- = in; within; not
tub/o- = tube
-ation = a process; being or having

definition: procedure in which an endotracheal tube (ETT) is inserted.


laryng/o- = larynx (voice box)
-scope = instrument used to examine

Heimlich maneuver

procedure to assist a choking victim with an airway obstruction

incentive spirometer

spir/o- = breathe; a coil
-meter = instrument used to measure

definition: medical device to encourage patients to breathe deeply to prevent atelectasis

oxygen therapy

procedure to provide additional oxygen to patients with pulmonary disease


face mask


a mechanical device that breathes for the patient or assists with some breaths (oxygen therapy)


re- = again and again; backward; unable to
spir/o-= breathe; a coil
-ator = person or thing that produces or does

a mechanical device that breathes for the patient or assists with some breaths (oxygen therapy)


a bag that is a handheld device that is used to manually breathe for the patient on a temporary basis

vital signs

procedure during a physical examination in which the temperature, pulse, respirations (TPR), and blood pressure are measured

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