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  1. Indulgence
  2. Edict of Worms
  3. Pope Leo X
  4. Peace of Ausburg
  5. Serfs
  1. a Peasants legally tied to the land of feudal lords.
  2. b A way to remove sin by paying the Catholic church money
  3. c Head of Catholic Church. Lived from 1475 to 1521.
  4. d Agreement that allowed Holy Roman Princes to adopt Protestantism.
  5. e Proclamation by Charles V punishing Martin Luther.

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  1. Massive Church built by the Holy See.

  2. A Catholic monk whose writings sparked the Reformation.
  3. Figure considered savior and salvation of Christians.
  4. A term applied to Christian who belonged to non-Catholic churches.
  5. Particle Accelerator constructed beneath Geneva.

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  1. ReformationA person who speaks out against official Church teachings.


  2. John CalvinA Protestant leader who called for strict rules and a theocratic government.


  3. HereticPeasants legally tied to the land of feudal lords.


  4. 95 ThesesPeasants legally tied to the land of feudal lords.


  5. Henry VIIIEnglish King who broke away from Pope in order to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon.


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