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  1. Edict of Worms
  2. Henry VIII
  3. Council of Trent
  4. John Calvin
  5. Indulgence
  1. a English King who broke away from Pope in order to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon.
  2. b A way to remove sin by paying the Catholic church money
  3. c A series of meetings between Catholic Bishops and Cardinals that set several Catholic doctrines.
  4. d A Protestant leader who called for strict rules and a theocratic government.
  5. e Proclamation by Charles V punishing Martin Luther.

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  1. Massive Church built by the Holy See.
  2. Founder of the Jesuit order.
  3. Religious order devoted to teaching, converting, and defending the Catholic faith.
  4. A person who speaks out against official Church teachings.
  5. Peasants legally tied to the land of feudal lords.

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  1. Large Hadron ColliderParticle Accelerator constructed beneath Geneva.


  2. 95 ThesesHoly Roman Emperor; also King of Spain in 16th c.


  3. ReformationA person who speaks out against official Church teachings.


  4. ProtestantA term applied to Christian who belonged to non-Catholic churches.


  5. Martin Luther
    A Catholic monk whose writings sparked the Reformation.