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  1. facet
  2. orifice
  3. Dens, Dentis
  4. efface
  5. trident
  1. a tooth
  2. b n. a long 3-pronged fork or weapon
  3. c noun: one of many sides of a cut stone or jewel; one aspect of a situation, or of a tooth
  4. d n. A mouth or vent; and opening
  5. e verb: to wipe out; to obliterate. Also to make less clear as if rubbing out. To make oneself inconspicuous

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  1. v. To kiss
  2. noun: surrender; ending resistance
  3. eyebrow
  4. n.
    1. A written contract
    2. An agreement binding an apprentice to work for a master

    v. To bind by written contact
  5. n. A grotesque carved human or animal figure, especially one used as a rain-spout carrying water clear of a wall

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  1. cerebrationnoun: the act of thinking; thought


  2. effronteryverb: to insult intentionally; to offend or embarass. Noun: an insult or offensive act.


  3. regurgitatev.
    1. To cause to pour back or cast up partially digested food; to vomit
    2. To rush or surge back


  4. inexorablen.
    1. A shrine where the ancient Greeks consulted one of their gods for advice and/or prophecy
    2. A prophecy made at such a shrine
    3. A person who transmits prophecy from a deity
    4. A person or thing regarded as able to give wise guidence


  5. gargantuanadj. of immense size; gigantic


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