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  1. efface
  2. Supercilium
  3. affront
  4. disgorge
  5. indentation
  1. a v.
    1. To expel from the throat or stomach; to vomit
    2. To discharge violently
  2. b eyebrow
  3. c n. A cut or notch
  4. d verb: to wipe out; to obliterate. Also to make less clear as if rubbing out. To make oneself inconspicuous
  5. e verb: to insult intentionally; to offend or embarass. Noun: an insult or offensive act.

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  1. adjective: pertaining to the brain; intellectual
  2. noun: surrender; ending resistance
  3. noun: the restatement of a main idea; a summary or concise review
  4. verb: to mar or spoil the appearance or surface of something
  5. to speak

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  1. Odon, Odontosfront, forehead, face


  2. Cerebrumbrain


  3. indenturen.
    1. A written contract
    2. An agreement binding an apprentice to work for a master

    v. To bind by written contact


  4. Os, Orismouth


  5. superciliousadj. Disdainful; haughty and aloof