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  1. trident
  2. Dens, Dentis
  3. cerebral
  4. gorge
  5. indentation
  1. a adjective: pertaining to the brain; intellectual
  2. b n. A cut or notch
  3. c n.
    1. A deep, narrow passage with rocky sides, enclosed between mountains
    2. Gluttonous eating
    3. A feeling of nausea (used with "rise")

    1. To eat greedily
    2. To fill full; to stuff
  4. d tooth
  5. e n. a long 3-pronged fork or weapon

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  1. mouth
  2. verb: to mar or spoil the appearance or surface of something
  3. adj. Disdainful; haughty and aloof
  4. verb: to stand or come directly in front of; to face with defiance or hostility
  5. tooth

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  1. Cerebrumadjective: pertaining to the brain; intellectual


  2. osculatev. To kiss


  3. Gurges, Gurgitsthroat, whirlpool


  4. effronterynoun: flippant or insulting boldness; audacity


  5. decapitateverb: to throw down from a great height; to make happen suddenly or quickly