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  1. causes prevailing winds to blow diagonally rather than along strict north-south and east-west directions
  2. polar areas- 60 degrees N to 90 degrees N and 60 degrees to 90 degrees S. This is whenever the N or S hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. polar area gets continuous sun
  3. cold and warm streams of water that move in the ocean. earth's rotation, changes in air pressure, and differences in water temp causes
  4. polar area in south

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  1. midlatitudesbetween 30 degrees S and 30 degrees N, includes tropic of capricorn, equator and tropic of cancer. some portions get direct sun all year


  2. El Niñoperiodic change in the pattern of ocean currents, water temperatures, and weather in the mid-pacific region


  3. doldrumsgenerally windless band that global winds bring when they are diverted north or south, leaving a narrow


  4. windwardthe side of the mountain range facing the wind