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quiz 1

scientific inquiry
the process of asking questions using repeatable observations adn testable hypotheses
descriptive science and hypothetico-deductive science
what are 2 types of science?
make an observation about the natural world
ask critical questions about your observations
a tentative explanation based on past experience
what we think will happen based on our hypothesis
unbiased reporting of the information gained from the experiment
do the results support or reject the hypothesis, what was learned overall from this experiment
life is organized, life requires energy, life maintains internal constancy, life reproducws itself, grows and develops, life evolves
all living things share what? (hint: 5 things)
species richness
the number of species present in an area
species evenness
`the relative abundance of individuals among the species
biotic factors
living parts of an environment such as vegetation structure, competition, and predation
abiotic factors
the nonliving parts of an environment such as disturbances, moisture, acidity, ect