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Caribbean Ch 2 vocabulary

Chapter 2 vocabulary
San Salvador
island where columbus first landed on Ocotber 12, 1492
part of the Greater Antilles, long and narrow
name columbus gave to navidad when he came back and saw it abondoned
first European settlement where 39 men were left behind
first capital of Cuba
was discovered by Balboa
landed on the bahama islands on October 12, 1492, he sought to sail to the indies by a westward passage
Bartolome de las Casas
he is a priest called the "Defender of the Indians" and is a great hero to many.
Diego Colon
Columubus' son. Became owner of Jamaica.
Ponce de Leon
was authorized by governor ovando to lead an expedition to Puerto Rico.
De Ovando
commander of military order of Alcantara, who finally established royal control over Hispaniola. He ruled the island til 1509
was appointed by Queen Isabella as "royal governor and judge of all the islands and mainland of the Indies"
in 1519 he sailed from Cuba with an expedition that captured the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521
a priest in Santo Domingo, he gave a homily about the treatment of the Indians, which inspired de las casas
traditional device through which the crown delegated specific royal powers to the leader of an expedition
title meaning leader given to the great explorers
a distribution of land that individual settlers were expected to work the land, build dwellings, and remain on it for four years.
individual settlers could legally force "their" Indians to work without wages in a kind of semi- slavery or serfdom
Casa de Contratacion
also known as Board of trade, created by Queen isabella. first two coucils in spain charged with commissioning and overseeing both royal officials and adventurers in the Indies
Christian Monarchy
Ferdinand and Isabella were Christian monarchs which meant they were supposed to adhere to the teachings of the Church in the way they ruled their kingdom