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  1. te peinaste
  2. se divierten
  3. se lavó
  4. se lava
  5. te levantaste
  1. a
    they enjoy themselves
  2. b
    he washed
  3. c
    you brushed your own hair
  4. d
    he washes himself
  5. e
    you got up

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  1. Chepe and I ate breakfast

  2. we enjoyed ourselved

  3. you brush your own hair

  4. they shaved themselves

  5. they shave themselves

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  1. se peinan el pelo
    you brush your own hair


  2. se acuesta
    they shave themselves


  3. se cepillaron
    they shaved themselves


  4. se acostó
    the dog goes to bed


  5. te levantas
    you got up


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