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  1. output contract
  2. article 2 and 2A/ statutory UCC controls
  3. voluntary consent
  4. contract discharge by performance
  5. contract discharge by operation of law
  1. a -fraud
    -mistake of fact
  2. b stated amount
  3. c cover sales contracts only for goods, not for services or real estate
  4. d -material alteration(changes without consent)
    -statute of limitations(maximum time limit)
    -impossibility or impracticability of performance
  5. e -complete

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  1. -revocation(saying no)
    -operation of law
  2. uniform commercial code
    -streamline and simplify contracts
  3. -UCC sale of over $500
    -debt of another
    -contract that cannot be completed in one year
  4. promise for an act
  5. -unreasonable search and seizure
    -probably cause
    -double jeopardy
    -speedy trial and right to lawyer
    -exclusionary rule

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  1. objective facts-what was said
    -how the party acted/appeared
    -circumstances surrounding transaction


  2. misdemeanora crime less serious than a felony; under a year


  3. if contract is breached...-compensatory(out of pocket)
    -consequential(foreseeable losses)
    -punitive(not recoverable)

    liquidated damages(agreed amount beforehand)


  4. embezzlementfraudulent appropriation of money or other property by a person that has not been entrusted


  5. excutory contractfully performed