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  1. expropriation
  2. requirements of a valid contract
  3. three sources of international law
  4. international law
  5. objective theory of contracts
  1. a -offer
    -operation of law
  2. b intent/judge of outward objective facts interpreted by a reasonable person
  3. c attempts to reconcile the need of each country to be the final authority(sovereign entity)
  4. d -international customs(known practices and values of country)
    -treaties and international agreements(supreme court-import
    -international organization(adopt resolutions, declarations)
  5. e taking property for a proper public purpose and the owner receives compensation

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  1. no special form
  2. duty to mitigate damages
  3. unlawful breaking and entering with intent to commit felony
  4. take what was received but sure for the difference that was originally in contract
  5. taking property for no public purpose but for own benefit

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  1. implied contractcontract could never be enforced


  2. contract discharge by operation of law-material alteration(changes without consent)
    -statute of limitations(maximum time limit)
    -impossibility or impracticability of performance


  3. felonypassing of title for price when transaction is completed


  4. voluntary consentstated amount


  5. article 2 and 2A/ statutory UCC controlscover sales contracts only for goods, not for services or real estate