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  1. embezzlement
  2. act of state doctrine
  3. robbery
  4. objective theory of contracts
  5. voidable contract
  1. a fraudulent appropriation of money or other property by a person that has not been entrusted
  2. b stealing property or more with the use of force or fear
  3. c intent/judge of outward objective facts interpreted by a reasonable person
  4. d judicial branch of one country will not examine validity of public acts committed by foreign government within latter's own territory
  5. e no capacity to contract

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  1. -mutual rescission(both decline)
    -novation(new contract)
    -settlement agreement
    -accord and satisfaction(modification)
  2. exempts foreign nations from jurisdiction of US courts except with direct effect to US commercial activity
  3. contract could never be enforced
  4. -delivery
    -quantity(no way to imply)
  5. fully performed

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  1. justifiable uses of force-self-defense
    -statute of limitations


  2. requirements contractwhatever is required is supplied


  3. unenforceable contractno special form


  4. formal contractno special form


  5. expropriationtaking property for a proper public purpose and the owner receives compensation