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  1. due process clause/ fourteenth amendment
  2. types of contracts that have to be in writing
  3. merchantability
  4. unenforceable contract
  5. requirements of a valid contract
  1. a -unreasonable search and seizure
    -probably cause
    -double jeopardy
    -speedy trial and right to lawyer
    -exclusionary rule
  2. b valid but can no longer be done
  3. c -offer
    -operation of law
  4. d -UCC sale of over $500
    -debt of another
    -contract that cannot be completed in one year
  5. e product does what it is meant and said to do

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  1. uniform commercial code
    -streamline and simplify contracts
  2. law that defines and governs actions that constitute crimes. generally criminal law has to do with wrongful actions committed against society for which society demands redress
    -state prosecutes crimes b/c held at a higher standard with risk of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
  3. -mutual rescission(both decline)
    -novation(new contract)
    -settlement agreement
    -accord and satisfaction(modification)
  4. not performed
  5. -Free on board
    -title document
    -free at destination
    -risk of loss

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  1. contractcontract could never be enforced


  2. contract discharge by breach-material breach(non performance)
    -anticipatory repudiation(other party states that they will not


  3. when can a person be convicted-revocation(saying no)
    -operation of law


  4. congress can...taking property for no public purpose but for own benefit


  5. implied contractconduct of parties