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  1. acceptance and breach situation
  2. unenforceable contract
  3. bilateral contract
  4. unilateral contract
  5. article 2 and 2A/ statutory UCC controls
  1. a promise for a promise
  2. b valid but can no longer be done
  3. c cover sales contracts only for goods, not for services or real estate
  4. d promise for an act
  5. e take what was received but sure for the difference that was originally in contract

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  1. unlawful breaking and entering with intent to commit felony
  2. -fraud
    -mistake of fact
  3. whatever is required is supplied
  4. when the evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt
  5. law that defines and governs actions that constitute crimes. generally criminal law has to do with wrongful actions committed against society for which society demands redress
    -state prosecutes crimes b/c held at a higher standard with risk of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

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  1. Miranda ruleright to not talk and to be informed of constitutional rights


  2. confiscation-promise or set of promises for the breach of which law gives remedy
    -legally binding agreement between two or more parties who agree to perform or to refrain from performing some act


  3. justifiable uses of forceno capacity to contract


  4. merchantmust be in business of selling food because held to a higher standard with higher level of knowledge


  5. principle of comityone nation will defer and give effect to laws and judicial decrees of another country as long as they are consistent