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  1. congress can...
  2. requirements of a valid contract
  3. article 2 and 2A/ statutory UCC controls
  4. misdemeanor
  5. international law
  1. a impose quotas and tariffs
  2. b attempts to reconcile the need of each country to be the final authority(sovereign entity)
  3. c a crime less serious than a felony; under a year
  4. d cover sales contracts only for goods, not for services or real estate
  5. e -offer
    -operation of law

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  1. -intent(awareness of wrong-mens rea)
    -act (actus rea)
    -must harm either property or person
  2. -rescission and restitution(returning previously conveyed)
    -specific performance(no other alternative)
    -reformation(rewrite contract with proper intent)
  3. promise for a promise
  4. -fraud
    -mistake of fact
  5. taking property for a proper public purpose and the owner receives compensation

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  1. types of contracts that have to be in writing-complete


  2. act of state doctrine-intent(awareness of wrong-mens rea)
    -act (actus rea)
    -must harm either property or person


  3. money launderingfalsely reporting income that has been obtained through criminal activity as income obtained through legit business


  4. justifiable uses of forceno capacity to contract


  5. merchantwrongful taking and carrying away of another person's personal property with intent to permanently deprive owner of property


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