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  1. omniscient
  2. much many
  3. polysemous
  4. equanimity
  5. magnificient
  1. a having infinite awareness
  2. b strikingly beautiful or impressive
  3. c poly
  4. d suggests a habit of mind that is only rarely disturbed under great strain
  5. e having multiple meanings

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  1. having all sides equal
  2. magni
  3. a great circle of the earth or a celestial body that is everywhere equally distant from the two poles and divides the surface into the northern and southern hemispheres
  4. a closed plane figure bounded by straight lines
  5. macro

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  1. omnidirectionalhaving infinite awareness


  2. macroscopicobservable by the naked eye; involving large units or elements


  3. polymatha person of encyclopedic learning


  4. magnitudestrikingly beautiful or impressive


  5. omnipotenthaving infinite awareness