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Separation of Power
the division of power among the three branches of government
Opponents to the Constitution
a bill of rights should be added
Why the Constitution is a "living document"
because it can be changed when needed
An example of the "elastic clause"
testing of a new weapons system
How are the Constitution and Declaration of Independence similar?
government powers come from the people
That nobody can be imprisoned without a trial of his peers comes from where?
the right to "due process'
Example of a concurrent (shared) power between the federal and state governments
income taxes
Amending the Constitution requires
2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states
Government not interfering with the people is an example of
limited government
When the government can restrict publication of information
endangers national security
Principle of government where a court declares a law unconstitutional
checks and balances
When the Supreme Court "looks over" the other two branches
judicial review
When the voters of a state vote on a law
Why Congress passes civil rights legislation
to promote equity
Case which established the right of the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional
Marbury v. Madison
Being free from unreasonable search and seizure is an example of
limited government
Being suspended from school without a hearing is a violation of what?
due process
Not being able to use illegally obtained evidence in court protects our right to what?
unreasonable searches and seizures
When a state take private property for public use
eminent domain
Prisoners who believe they are being held illegally can ask for what?
a Writ of Habeas Corpus
Police searching without probable cause is a violation of what right?
freedom from illegal searches and seizures
A requirement in order to have a fair trial
the defendant must know the charges against him
An owner of a newspaper stand would most likely oppose government censorship of what?
Being tried for the same crime twice is a violation of what freedom?
freedom from "double jeopardy"
Due process grantees that a person can't be imprisoned without what?
a trial or judgement of his peers
Supreme Court case which sets the federal government over the states
McCulloch v. Maryland
Providing financial assistance to low income families promotes what?
economic equity
This would violate your right to a fair trial
a prejudiced jury
Form of government which would restrict personal freedoms
When all the citizens in a community take an equal role in government
direct democracy
System of government where the states have more power than the central government
Political system which gives citizens the greatest political influence
Form of government where states, cities and counties have the least power
Government leaders have absolute power in what form of government?
In which economic system does the government have total control?
What economic concept says that if you pay for one thing you can't afford the other?
opportunity cost
In what political system do national and state governments divide authority?
In what system are legislators elected by the people?
representative democracy