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The 5 Genres of Folklore

Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends, Fables, and Folktales

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The 5 Genres of Folklore
Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends, Fables, and Folktales
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Characteristics of Folklore
All folklore began as oral tradition. Oral tradition stories are unwritten stories that were told out loud and passed down from one generation to the next.
The exact origin is untraceable because they began as oral tradition. Fairytales typically occur in an unreal or non-specific setting.
Purpose of Fairytales
To entertain children and inform them about keeping safe.
Elements of a Fairytale
Royal Characters, Evil Characters, Magic, and Beginning and Ending words. Animals as characters (personification), and special numbers.
Purpose of Myths
To explain a natural phenomena or an occurrence. To explain the creation of the world. To teach moral lessons. To explain an historical events. To explain an ancient religious practice. Revile the common hopes and fears of mankind.
Characteristics of Myths
Gods and Goddesses are present. Gods and Goddesses are superhuman in nature. Gods often experience human emotions. Magic is often present. Gods sometimes appear in disguised form. A metamorphosis may occur. Characteristics may change during the story.
Setting of a Myth
Myths always take place in previous "world" that is not the same as the world as we know it.
A legend is a story from the past.
What are legends about?
Legends can be about people, places, or events. Typically legends include a character who is a Saint, Hero, King, or Famous Person. A legend is always conceded with a particular time and place.
Always have a moral. Characters are animals that are personified. Characters are usually very one sided and static. They show just one particular quality. Tend to be very short.
Setting of Fables
Realistic location, usually outdoors.
Purpose of Fables
To teach a lesson or a moral.
Characteristics Folktales
Folktales have a cultural identity. This means that they take on traits and values of the culture that they are from. All cultures have Folktales. Folktales feature exaggerated characters. Characters might be human or animals.
Setting of Folktale
Always a realistic setting.
Purpose of Folktales
To entertain or teach a lesson.
Important about Folktales
A subcategory of Folktales is "Tall Tales". Tall Tales are specific type of Folktale in which a character accomplishes an outlandish feat.