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Vocabulary terms related to our government.


an addition to the Constitution

Article of Confederation

A set of rules to join the states together (our first government)


A written idea for a law


The President's advisors

checks and balances

A system to be sure one branch of the government does not take over power


The head of the armed forces


The legislature- the House of Representatives and the Senate


A plan of government

Constitutional Convention

A meeting of delegates from every state to choose men to write the Constitution

Executive Branch

carries out laws (the president)

Federal Government

A system that gives power to state and central governments

Founding Fathers

Members of the Constitutional Convention

House of Representatives

Part of congress (population size determines how many reps a state gets)

Judicial Branch

The court system

Legislative Branch

The law making body

override a veto

Vote to allow a bill to pass that the President does not want


a part of congress (2 from each state)

Supreme Court

the highest court in the US

Three Branches of Government

Executive, Legislative, Judicial


Head of state government


an agreement between two countries


the right of the president to refuse to sign a bill into law

Washington D. C.

the capital city of the USA


A government run by the people, for the people

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